Orfos Red Flare Review

Orfos Red Flare Review  If you commute by bike like me, you know the frustration of bike lights.  The batteries die at the most inopportune times.  They are subject to failure from wet conditions and vibration.  In the last couple years, I have gone through three bike lights.  The first, purchased at Performance failed at the switch.  Vibration would cause it to turn off at random times.  The second clipped… Read More »

Review: 2016 Masi Speciale Giramondo

Review: 2016 Masi Speciale Giramondo:  I love my vintage 1988 Cannondale ST1000.  It is a sweet ride that commands a lot of attention, but it is not the best ride for commuting.  The riding position is uncomfortable, the aluminum frame is harsh and the brakes are horrible.  Even so I managed to put about 3,500 miles on her over the year or so.  The final straw came when I broke the… Read More »

Ti Cycles: Factory Tour!

Ti Cycles: Factory Tour!   Like a few other posts, this story starts at the Seattle Bike Show.  I was wandering around the annual show at the Seattle Expo Center when I stumbled across the Ti Cycles/Ren Cycles booth.  I was drawn to a Ren Cycles titanium touring bike with S&S Connectors.  I have always wanted a travel bike with S&S connectors.  They allow to break your frame down so… Read More »

Micro Pouch St-35 seat bag review!

Micro Pouch St-35 seat bag review! It seems things are pretty busy this spring and I owe you a lot of reviews.  Look forward to some good stuff in the coming weeks on a wide range of products.  However, there is a theme to these reviews.  That is each item supports a local business or local manufacturing.  This week we start with the Lone Peak Ballistic Micro Pouch St-35 seat… Read More »

Bell Super 2 MIPS Helmet Review.

Bell Super 2 MIPS Helmet Review.  In November, I had a little mishap on my way into work.  I hit a rock and went full superman.  My Bell Sweep helmet gave its life so that I may live.  I bounced my head off the ground pretty hard and my helmet took the brunt of the force.  My helmet also kept most of my face off the pavement as I slit to… Read More »

Toothbrush Chain Cleaner!

Toothbrush Chain Cleaner!   Last week a saw a video of household tips posted to a couple of cycling related Facebook pages.  It contained a number of invaluable household hacks designed to make my life better.  I do not remember most of them, but the second tip showed a bike chain cleaning tool made from two old toothbrushes.  (If someone is familiar with the video, please send me a link). … Read More »

Opinion Wanted Free Stickers!

Opinion Wanted Free Stickers! CYCLEBUTTCRACK made its debut in 2011.  However, that is not the beginning of the CYCLEBUTTCRACK story.  Given a choice, I tend to go with American made products and try to support local businesses.  This is why I wanted CYCLEBUTTCRACK jerseys to be American made.  So in 2010, I sought out an American jersey manufacturer Sharp Athletics, paid a $1,400 deposit and had a sample jersey made. … Read More »

A hard decision!

A hard decision! I love my 1988 Cannondale ST1000.  Chics dig the purple bike and it gets lots of compliments whenever I ride it.  I love the Shimano Biopace chain rings and I enjoy the friction shifting drivetrain.  In fact, I like it so much, I even wrote a review for the blog.  You can check it out here.  Despite the fact that I dig the Purple Bike, it is… Read More »

Crowd Funding?

Crowd Funding? CYCLEBUTTCRACK jerseys have been on the market since 2011.  You have read the story of how CYCLEBUTTCRACK came to be, but if you refresh your memory, you can read about CYCLEBUTTCRACK’s conception here.  I had high expectations when I started this CHEEKY venture.  You have not let me down.  Every time I wear one of the CYCLEBUTTCRACK jerseys on an organized ride, I cannot keep track of all… Read More »

Social Media Warrior to the Rescue!!!

Social Media Warrior to the Rescue!!! Earlier this week, the alarm went off.  I showered, ate breakfast and then went to check my e-mail and the happenings on the Facebook page prior to heading off to work.  The first thing I see on my Facebook page was this poorly edited meme.  I am sure you have seen it before.  It implies that no cyclists follow the rules of the road. … Read More »