By | October 21, 2012

I broke my first bike in half shortly after the training wheels were removed.  I wanted to ride it through a pothole.  I did not make it.  I have a long history of braking bikes.  Since moving to Seattle in 2000, I have broken an aluminum frame and a steel frame.  I have also gone through about 6 wheel sets and more bottom brackets than I can count.  I have also snapped a couple chains before their time.  Keep in mind I am no trials rider or downhill mountain biker.  I spend most of my time on my roadbike.  I also have an affinity for the lightest and fastest bikes.  As seen in an earlier post, I lust after the new Colnago with disc brakes.  I would love to take the latest feather weight dream machine and go tearing through the countryside.

Sad to say, that most featherweight components have a weight limit which is usually well under 200lbs.  At 6′-2″ and 230 lbs, even if I made my ideal weight (205)…  I would still excede these limits.  Life is hard for this clydesdale 🙁 

I first saw the Mad Fiber promotional video a couple years ago.  I was blown away.  They are made by a small, local (Seattle) company.  They have no rider weight limit?!  Surely you have not met me!  I have to replace my bottom bracket every year and a half.  They have a warranty and a crash replacement program.  Surely they have not met me.  When I broke my roadbike frame, the factory rep said he had never seen a frame fail like that.  When standing on climbs, my spokes have been known to creak and moan in protest.  Boy I would love to make them eat their words 🙂  Even better…  I would love to go tearing around on these wheels without incident.  They just released a clincher version and I have heard talk of Mad Fiber for disc brakes.  Yum!

So try to contain your arousal as you picture this.  The new Colnago C59 bike with disc brakes with Mad Fiber wheels.