2015 Resolutions and FREE stickers?!

By | January 2, 2015

2015 Resolutions and FREE stickers?!  

The end of the year is a time for reflection.  A time to look back on where you have been and a time to look towards the future.  Lets be honest, most people just don’t care.  Check your social media connections, look at all the new years wishes and resolutions that people post.  How many do you actually read?  So why in the hell would I take the time to post my CHEEKY reflections of the year past and the year to come?  My interaction with you has been the best part of this little endeavor.  I am grateful for your loyalty and support.  In a way CYCLEBUTTCRACK is yours too, so I have to let you know how things are going from time to time.  Plus if this little endeavor fails, I can just blame you.  Come on people get your heads and BUTTCRACKS in the game!  HA!

2014: The year that was.

2014 was great year, but it certainly had its challenges.  Here are some highlights.

CYCLEBUTTCRACK had its largest single jersey order and they sent some awesome pics to prove it.  This photo makes me so happy.

CYCLEBUTTCRACK had its largest single jersey order and they sent some awesome pics to prove it. This photo makes me so happy.

harrison copy

I picked up more celebrity supporters! Sorry about the accident.










Edgewood, IA...  MMM!  Pie

I got to participate in my second RAGBRAI

On the way...  Another 1,000 mile acheivement :)

4,000 miles for the year!  A personal best in 2014!

  •  I participated in 2 bike expos.  It was fun meeting lots of you, but sadly sales were disappointing.
  • I only rode 2 organized rides, but the CYCLEBUTTCRACK BEER and Classic jerseys got more compliments than I can count!
  • In 2014, overall sales have remained slow, but your feedback and support have been awesome.
My poor cracked frame :(

My poor cracked frame 🙁

  • I cracked my bike frame on my trusty Giant.  Somehow I now I have a commuter and a more ‘serious’ road bike.  A terrible situation turned out awesome!


So what are some of CYCLEBUTTCRACK and my personal goals for 2015.  Here they are in all their glory:

  • Every year, I say I want to lose weight and every year, I fall short of my goal.  It is disappointing.  This year I am not going to resolve to lose a certain amount of weight.  This year I will resolve to eat better. I plan to eat more vegetables, less meat, less processed food, etc.  I figure if I can do this and keep riding, the weight thing will take care of itself.
  • CYCLEBUTTCRACK has developed a small but very loyal following.  You know how I feel about the feedback.  But I am still not getting enough exposure.  I need to continue to work to spread the word!  I plan to continue the blog, try a little more targeted advertising and more social media exposure.  Hits at www.CYCLEBUTTCRACK.com hits equal sales.
  • I want to ride RAGBRAI again!  It is loads of fun and Iowan CRACKHEADS are loyal CRACKHEADS!  This year, I hope to bring some friends with me!
  • Usually I have a goal of riding a given number of miles in a year.  This year my approach will be different.  My goal is to ride consistently.  I am doing a better job already this winter.  The cold, wet and dark may have reduced my miles, but am still riding.  When the cycling season finally arrives, I will NOT be starting from zero.  If I do this, I assume the miles will take care of themselves!
  • I want to participate in more organized rides this year.  I only did (2) in 2014.  They are fun and they are basically cheap advertising for CYCLEBUTTCRACK!
  • I want to buy a fat bike.  Later this winter, I am going to rent a fat bike and do some snow riding.  I am really looking forward to it!
  • Sales are still slow 🙁  I want to improve that in 2015.  I want to sell out of my jerseys, t-shirts and stickers.  Then I want to order more!
  • Some have claimed that CYCLEBUTTCRACK is a one trick pony.  They are wrong.  I have 7 more solid jersey designs ready to go.  I also have three more t-shirts designs.  I would love to see these designs come to fruition, but in order to do that…  I need more sales!  I may find a way to share these designs with you pre-production.


Well that is my list of resolutions.  Now it is your turn.  What are your cycling resolutions?  Tell me about them on Facebook or the comments below for your chance to win a set of CYCLEBUTTCRAK stickers.  Don’t have any resolutions, well then tell me what you would like from CYCLEBUTTCRACK.  I will chose my favorite comment as a winner and send a set of stickers your way!



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