RAGBRAI – 270 miles of bacon!

By | July 25, 2013

Besides the beautiful scenery and great exercise, organized rides are good for eating all kinds of stuff normally to be avoided. Like candied bacon. Yep. And BEER. I finally found some real microbrews in Iowa. Whoo-hoo!

Now I know that candied bacon isn’t exactly on the approved nutrition list for cyclists. But DAMN it was good!

And the BEER. Thank you Des Moines! I know I am a BEER snob from the Northwest, but even a regular beer drinker has to get tired of Bud and Coors. Don’t you? Please say you do! But hey, Confluence Brewing Company, you guys rock. I even got a pint glass to add to my collection!

So I’ve eaten some great ride snacks out here in WA. Maybe my favorite is the trail putty at the Ride Around Clark County. MMmm, pb, honey and powdered milk. Surprisingly delicious. And a good choice on a 70 miler. But when you’re riding multiple day, like for RAGBRAI, sometimes you just want a meat pocket. Or a walking taco. Yeah. I couldn’t find where they were being sold, so didn’t have the pleasure, but it looked like an individual bag of Doritos, opened, with some taco ingredients thrown in the bag. Yum?

And let’s not forget the pork tenderloin. I may have to give up meat for…uh, a day…when I get home.

Don’t worry. I won’t give up BEER. Never!

Because of (or despite?) all of these extremely delicious riding snacks, I’ve passed the point of no return. I’ve finally done more than a two-day ride! Day 4, a little sore, but wow, 270 miles under my belt! Thanks RAGBRAI, you put on a great party!

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