A new hope…

By | June 15, 2015


A new hope…  

Blogging came to me out of necessity.  I started the BUTTCRACK Blog to get people to my website and hopefully to buy CYCLEBUTTCRACK Jerseys, T-shirts and eventually stickers.  To my amazement, I actually started to enjoy blogging.  Even more surprising, people started reading and following my blog.  I have been recognized by strangers on bike rides thanks to my blog.  I average over 2,000 views a month.  I know that was the goal, but it really is baffling when I think about it.

Since 2012, I have had over 120 posts on the BUTTCRACK Blog.  If you read and follow the blog, you may have noticed that the posts have fallen off as of late.  I have a regular 9-5 that takes more and more of time as of late.  I also had a difficult family situation over the last few months.  This has made it difficult to be interesting and funny for the blog.  So the BUTCRACK blog has come to a crossroads.

pantiesGet you panties out of your BUTTCRACK!  The BUTTCRACK blog is not going away.  However there are some changes in store.

If you read most of my 120 posts, you will note that they are quite wordy.  A longer article is nice from time to time, but a good blog is typically concise and easy to read.  Furthermore it is difficult to write a dissertation every week.  Not all my blog ideas need to be so verbose.  It is my goal to write more, shorter blog posts more often and mix them in with occasional longer posts.

I have had a couple good friends write as guest writers for the BUTTCRACK Blog.  It was difficult to let go of control, but having a new voice on the blog is incredibly valuable.  I cannot thank Chops and Sarah enough!!!  I hope to have more guest bloggers in the future.  I am accepting offers from volunteers!!!

CB-stickerI am sure that there is more I can do to improve the blog.  That is where you come in.  Do have any ideas for more BUTTCRACK exposure?  I would love to hear from you.  Please comment for free stickers and or other merchandise.

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