Accidental Beer run

By | March 11, 2014
Lower Case, a small comfortable
South Park brewpub.  This night
featuring the elusive whale tale!

It had been raining in Seattle for weeks.  When it is not raining, my busy schedule has prevented me from riding.  The sad truth is, it has been over a month since I last rode.  I should be shamed and shunned by my cycling buddies and the readers of this blog.  It is time to re-prioritize!!!  When the sun finally came out on Friday, and it was time to go to work, I had to dust off the bike.

Sad to say that my time off the bike had an negative impact.  Due to my spinning, I was spinning a higher cadence, but my power was down.  I made it to work without incident.  I was not so lucky on the ride home.  It was around 7:30 at night riding in the dark and I got a flat tire.  Arghhh!  At least I had supplies on hand to take care of the problem.  After my flat was fixed and I was back on my bike, my legs were kind enough to remind me, that I had been off the bike too long.  That is when I saw an Open sign in a random residential neighborhood in South Park, I had to stop.  As it turns out I ‘discovered’ Lower Case Brewing. This commute turned into an accidental BEER Run, the first of the year.

The Lower Case Brewing
handmade coasters are awesome
and available for purchase.   A better
deal than the $10 pint glasses.

I was not sure what I was getting myself into.  I could overhear some conversations and laughter, but was not totally sure I was entering a bar.  When I stuck my head in the door, the bartender welcomed me and invited me to park my bike inside.  At the time the bar was serving 6 people.  The space is carved out of the remnants of
the brewery.  Its use of of recycled pallets in the decor was clearly done on a budget, but is nice and comfortable.  You will recognize the stools from your high school science or drafting class.  When the weather cooperates, there is a garage door that can be opened for outdoor seating.  Service was very friendly and brisk, however the really important element here is the BEER!

I did the recycled pallet decor!

I sampled Lower Case’s Brown and Stout.  The brown was very tasty certainly worth having more, however the more memorable of the two was the Stout.  The Lower Case stout was dark, thick and sweet.  One certainly will not be overwhelmed with hoppiness with this beer.  Its most memorable quality was the vanilla.  Vanilla beans are added during the second fermentation.  One first sip, I was struck by the strong vanilla note.  It was certainly surprising.  There is also a bit of a chocolate flavor to the BEER.  I would guess this beer would go great with tart berries or even make an amazing base for a stout float.  My mouth is watering thinking of the possibilities.  This stout is certainly a pleasant change of pace from the IPA’s that are so popular in the northwest.

In addition to the beery goodness at Lower Case Brewing, there is also root beer on tap, pretzels and pepperoni sticks available for consumption.  If you would like a change of pace, Burdick Brewing is right next door.  I suspect that they may be featured in a future beer run 🙂  I like to see that some new businesses are popping up in South Park.  I certainly hope the trend continues.  I am sure I will be back to Lower Case.

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