Beer Run IV

By | July 14, 2014

My last BEER Run to Lower Case Brewing was months ago.  It was not even an intentional BEER Run.  I just stumbled across it on my ride home one evening.  I was long overdue for a more formal BEER Run (BEER Run IV).  My plan was to go from the Tukwila Community Center to Ballard to Peddler Brewing.  On my way home, I was planning on stopping at Lower Case Brewing.  (That place has become my local go to favorite brew-pub.)  Well my 50 mile beer run turned into an all day adventure.

I started at about 11:00 am Sunday morning heading south and East to Renton.  The ride to Ballard took me about 1.5-2 hours.  I stopped at Second Ascent, a local Ballard bike shop to update my old saddle bag and say hi to a friend.  Now that my errand was done, it was time for serious business.  BEER Drinking!  I rode down to Peddler only to find that they did not open for another twenty minutes.  CURSES!  Luckily Ballard has plenty of tasty micro-brewery options.  Hilliard Brewing was only a block away.  I could have a pint while I waited.

Hilliard's Beer Seattle

Hilliard’s Beer Seattle

Hilliard’s Beer

Hilliard has been in operation since 2011 and is easily recognized by the fact that they can their beer instead of

Belgian ESB

Belgian ESB

bottling.  Canning is the latest trend for micro-brews.  Canning protects beer from UV light which can damage the flavor of beer kept in bottles.  Cans are also easier to ship and recycle.  Hilliard’s space is very industrial, but comfortable.  I had a Belgian ESB, an ESB fermented with Belgian yeast, an interesting combination.  They have a nice beer menu and I look forward to heading back to try more.  However, it was time to move on.

Peddler Brewing

Peddler Interior

Peddler Interior

Bike Rack and work stand!  How awesome is that?!

Bike Rack and work stand! How awesome is that?!

Peddler Brewing is located at the head of the Ballard Bridge.  A bit of liberty was taken with the spelling.  This brewery caters to cyclists, not to small time salesmen peddling their wares.  But…  Do they ever cater to cyclists!  They have a big old bike rack up front and a hanging rack inside for up to 9 bikes.  Awesome!  No bike lock required!  Peddler also has a work stand complete with loaner tools in case you like tweak your nipples with a drink in your hand.  (Spoke nipples, that is.)  Peddler has 12 beers on tap.  Ordering their taster is a serious commitment.  Once again I had a Belgian style ale.  It was so very strong.  So strong I forgot the name.  It was good and it was time that I was on my way.

Drinking and Cycling

Technically speaking, it is not illegal to ride a bike drunk in the state of Washington.  However, it does not mean it is a good idea.  I had intended to visit one brewery.  Instead I had two very strong Belgian beers in a relatively short period of time.  The addition of a 30+ mile bike ride over hilly terrain made those two beers hit me much harder than I expected.  Please be safe!  Watch your consumption and take a rest if you are feeling a bit wobbly.  I advise to save the real drinking for the end of the ride 😉

Goin on Down to Southpark

The new Bridge in the up position.  5,000 people came to the festivities!

The new Bridge in the up position. 5,000 people came to the festivities!

Cycling metabolism is a wonderful thing.  It was not long before I was back to ‘normal’ and heading south to Downtown Seattle.  From there, I went to Georgetown and planned on heading on down to South Park. South Park was having a celebration for the official opening of their new drawbridge.  The festivities included a Beer Garden, food, a parade and Mexican professional wrestling.  How in the hell could I miss that?! I had tamales from Muy Macho, watched the parade and some wrestling.  I capped my trip off with a beer at Lower Case Brewing.  From there it was only a couple miles home.  Good thing because it was getting dark.  What a day!

 The Crazy Route!!!  

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