BEER Run Number 1!

By | September 17, 2013

Recently I introduced the BUTTCRACK Blog Reader(s) to the CYCLEBUTTCRACK BEER run. I have a groovy beer jersey so it just seemed obvious to wear it to a bar and enjoy BEER. I managed to convince one of my friends to don a jersey and ride along, and I would love to have others join me- where’s your favorite pub? Let’s go check it out!

Starting out…  We started and finished at the Tukwila Community Center. If you aren’t familiar with it, it is a great location for cyclists who want to connect with a wide network Puget Sound’s bike trails. It has plenty of parking and is adjacent to the Green River Trail. So we started there, headed over to Renton, then north up the east side of Lake Washington to the I-90 bridge. Then over to Capitol Hill to our chosen destination, the Elysian Brewing Company.

The Elysian...  Is a tried and true location for me and my friends. It has good food and great beers. The highlight of the year for me is always when The Great Pumpkin is on tap. The Great Pumpkin is a seasonal Imperial Pumpkin Ale that is only available for a few precious weeks. It just so happened to be on tap when we were there- Yummy Goodness! It is a sweet beer with just enough bitterness to balance the sugar. The pumpkin spice is there, but it is not over-powering. This is not a ‘pumpkin pie’ beer! The Great Pumpkin has 8.1% alcohol which is strong enough to warm the bones on a crisp, cool fall day. I had two along with the South Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich. The sandwich was good, it has a nice mustard-based sauce, but I am a bigger fan of their Hot Babe Pulled Pork Sandwich which has a sweeter BBQ sauce. I really wish they would bring back their legendary pork tacos, though.

Are you kidding??  6MPH?  I might Fall over!

The ride home…  You might expect that a sandwich, two beers and a plate of fries to weigh me down when I got on my bike. They did! The ride back to the Community Center was much more relaxed with a couple beers on board. We headed to the waterfront and down to the Spokane Street Bridge then reconnected with the Green River Trail and back to the Tukwila Community Center. The route was around 35 miles, but we made a quick detour to Pederson Bike shop which took our route up to 40. Here is the route. On the way home, we passed perhaps the most ridiculous speed limit sign ever- even at our relaxed pace, we were speeding!

Stay tuned for tales of my second BEER run, to the Harmon Brewery in Tacoma. And suggestions are welcome!

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    1. Lance O

      I like riding in Tacoma! Sometimes I do the Saturday rides from Tacoma Bike and broken Spoke BEER Run location. We will keep you posted on future BEER Runs on the blog and on Facebook.

      Thank you,


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