Bell Super 2 MIPS Helmet Review.

By | April 22, 2016

Bell Super 2 MIPS Helmet Review. 

A scratched helmet is better than a scratched face.

A scratched helmet is better than a scratched face.

In November, I had a little mishap on my way into work.  I hit a rock and went full superman.  My Bell Sweep helmet gave its life so that I may live.  I bounced my head off the ground pretty hard and my helmet took the brunt of the force.  My helmet also kept most of my face off the pavement as I slit to a stop.  I escaped the incident a little sore with a small scrape on my chin and right knee.  Yes, I was lucky.

My new painfully bright green Bell Super 2 still in the box.

My new painfully bright green Bell Super 2 still in the box.

To be honest, my old bell helmet was getting a bit tired.  The inner padding was all but gone.  It was sun faded and even the date of manufacture had worn away.  It was time for a replacement.  Being that I had just bounced my head off the ground, I went in the direction of maximum protection.  I purchased a new Bell Super 2 MIPS helmet.  The first thing you notice about the Super 2 is its robust construction.  Yes it is a mountain bike helmet.  There is more coverage at the back of the head than your standard road lid.  It also thicker than road helmets.  The Super 2 also comes with a camera/light mount and an ICEDOT sticker.  I have been using my Super 2 helmet for 5 months now.  So here are my thoughts.


Bell Super 2 from the front. Yes I removed the visor.


The Positives! 

  • The ‘I can’t hear you over your helmet Green’ color is certainly highly visible.
  • The camera/light mount is handy.  Too bad I prefer a bar mounted light and don’t have a camera.
  • The Super 2 has a snug fit that fits my particular head well.  I think my old sweep was a bit too loose.
  • The MIPS technology does in theory offer some concussion protection.  I hope I never have to test it.
  • The padding in the Super 2 does a pretty good job of keeping sweat out of my eyes.
  • The ICEDOT tag is a nice touch.  Simply register with and emergency personnel have access to all your information if you are incapacitated.  Assuming they are aware of ICEDOT.
  • Great head coverage and robust construction.
  • Bell Helmets fit my head shape perfectly!


The negatives! 

  • The robust construction and coverage comes at a cost.  This is a heavy helmet.  It took a while to get used to the added weight.
  • The matte finish on the helmet is a magnet for scuffs and dirt.
  • Overall ventilation is pretty good and I don’t feel hot wearing the helmet in Seattle.  However, whenever I remove my helmet after a ride, a band running ear to ear around the back of my head is drenched.  The back of the helmet is not well ventilated.  I wonder how comfortable the Super 2 will be on really hot days.


Once I got used to the Bell Super 2 helmet, it is as comfortable and natural as cycling shoes, a CYCLEBUTTCRACK jersey and shorts with a chamois.  I really do like the helmet and for most people the camera/light mount is a great selling point.  It is an ideal helmet for commuting and the occasional trail tide, but I am thinking I would like a POC or other lighter road helmet for a really long day in the saddle.

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      Thanks. There is a knob on each side which you unscrew to remove the visor. It’s pretty easy 🙂


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