Bicycle recovery

By | November 2, 2012

It is hard to imagine what the residents of the areas affected by Sandy are going trough.  Gas is scarce due to power outages which are affecting millions of people.  Mass transit is crippled due to flooding. Millions have lost their homes.  Being a born and raised Westerner, this still seems distant to me…  But this is a truly tragic event which I hope to never see again in my lifetime.  However, I suspect that I will.

Out of the chaos there is one thing I have seen in the news that has made me smile.  The bicycle is part of the recovery.  People stuck without cars and mass transit turn to two wheeled propulsion.  I have heard that parts of Manhattan look like Amsterdam.  There are bicycles everywhere and few cars to be found.  Some of those resorting to riding into the city enjoy it and are reconnecting to their cycling passion.  Maybe the population as a whole will have a little more appreciation for the humble bicycle in the future.