Buttcrack Blog introduction

By | September 25, 2012
RSVP 2012 first rest stop.
Hi and welcome to my lil ol’ blog.  This is my second foray into the blogosphere.  My first sought to follow me though my training exploits and organized rides in an effort to promote my business venture, CYCLEBUTCRACK.  I soon found that I had few followers, and not every training ride or organized ride is interesting enough to share.  So I gave up on the BUTTCRACK Blog.  In the meantime, I have put a lot of work into the CYCLEBUTTCRACK Facebook page.  I post videos that amuse me, interesting quotes and I still share my musings on my cycling exploits.  In my mind, this has all the necessary ingredients of a good blog. 
My inspiration to start blogging again came on RSVP.  I was wearing my now infamous Original CYCLEBUTTCRACK jersey when I met a woman at the first rest stop.  She was familiar with my jersey and it was all because she read my blog!  It amazes me that people actually want to read anything I have to say!  With that…  So begins this second blogging experiment! 

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