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Stupid Cycling Laws. Do you know how to stop them?

Stupid Cycling Laws.  Do you know how to stop them? Here we are in the middle of January 2015.  The new year is still shiny, brand new, and full of potential.  Plans are optimistic and hopes are high.   All the promises of the year to come have yet to be broken.  And that brings us to politics.  This is the time of the State of the Union Address and in… Read More »

Free CYCLEBUTTCRACK BEER Jersey and care tips!

Free CYCLEBUTTCRACK BEER Jersey and care tips!   The CYCLBUTTCRACK Cycling Jersey empire does not provide much, but it does provide me plenty of jerseys for my cycling activities.  Surprisingly I set aside only four jerseys for my personal use.  Frankly, I don’t treat them well.  They get a lot of use.  I take naps in the grass at rest stops during RAGBRAI.  I wash them with regular clothes.  On… Read More »

Cycling: What to do if I can’t ride.

Cycling: What to do if I can’t ride. If you are the one who follows this blog, then you know that I broke a wheel.  I was climbing the short, steep section of road a block away from work when one of the 20 massive bladed spokes snapped.  Sadness 🙁  Cycling was built into my routine.  During the summer, I have been averaging 400 miles a month.  I typically ride… Read More »

RAGBRAI tips Part Deux!

If you are coming from Seattle like me, getting to Iowa with your luggage, tent and bike will be a giant pain in the ass. But once you are there, it is absolutely worth the hassle of the trip. Not that it’s an easy ride. It’s not. The tips contained in this post are meant to help keep you sane during your crazy journey across the state of Iowa, from a… Read More »