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RAGBRAI 2015 Pass through BEER!

RAGBRAI 2015 Pass through BEER!  On my first RAGBRAI, I felt lost.  I am used to having access to literally hundreds of Craft BEER options in Seattle.  That is not the case in Iowa.  Though their Craft Brew industry may still be small, that does not mean that you cannot find fine Craft BEER.  You just have to look for them. Last time, I covered the craft breweries located in overnight… Read More »

RAGBRAI 2015… What you need to know. Part 2 Where the BEER at?

RAGBRAI 2015…  What you need to know.  Part 2. Where the BEER at? If you read part one of RAGBRAI 2015…  What you need to know, you know that there will be craft BEER options on RAGBRAI whether or not the overnight town has a brewery.  Thank goodness!  Enjoying well crafted, tasty barley sodas is the cherry on top of a hell’a fun event.  If you want to experience the growing… Read More »

RAGBRAI 2015… What you need to know.

RAGBRAI 2015…  What you need to know. Anyone who talks to me about cycling knows that I love RAGBRAI.  Going halfway across the country to ride my bike across Iowa is a great escape.  It is a giant rolling party.  RABGRAI has also been great for CYCLEBUTTCRACK.  CYCLEBUTTCRACK participated in its first bike expo at RAGBRAI and previous blog posts about the ride have been wildly popular.  I am very… Read More »

BEER Jerseys at LOWERCASE Brewing!!!

It has been a while since I discovered LOWERCASE Brewing.  I was pushing through a dark, cold winter commute when I saw a glowing open sign in an otherwise quiet street in South Park.  I had to stop.  I like to call this tip my Accidental BEER Run.  LOWERCASE is in a convenient location.  Perhaps a little too convenient, since LOWERCASE sits right on the Duwamish trail route a couple miles… Read More »

New Product- WiseCracker Bottle Opener

New Product- WiseCracker Bottle Opener Every now and then an invention comes on to the market and you think to yourself, ‘Why the hell didn’t I think of that?’  In this case it was literally the truth.  I have considered adding a bottle opener to my bike.  However, I was unable to come up with something so simple and elegant as  The WiseCracker Bottle Opener.  It is a headset spacer,… Read More »

RAGBRAI 2014 – Craft BEER!

RAGBRAI 2014 – Craft BEER! RAGBRAI is a bike ride.  RAGBRAI is a party. The party beverage of choice at RAGBRAI is BEER.  Unfortunately, Iowa is not the cradle of the craft beer movement.  In Forest City, I asked a local pizza shop owner where could find a micro brew.  His response, ‘Oh you mean SNOB BEER?’  I informed him I was looking for beer with flavor.  This was one… Read More »

Beer Run IV

My last BEER Run to Lower Case Brewing was months ago.  It was not even an intentional BEER Run.  I just stumbled across it on my ride home one evening.  I was long overdue for a more formal BEER Run (BEER Run IV).  My plan was to go from the Tukwila Community Center to Ballard to Peddler Brewing.  On my way home, I was planning on stopping at Lower Case Brewing. … Read More »

Accidental Beer run

Lower Case, a small comfortable South Park brewpub.  This night featuring the elusive whale tale! It had been raining in Seattle for weeks.  When it is not raining, my busy schedule has prevented me from riding.  The sad truth is, it has been over a month since I last rode.  I should be shamed and shunned by my cycling buddies and the readers of this blog.  It is time to… Read More »

BEER Run #2: Elysian Brewing’s 9th Annual Pumpkin Beer Festival

I will be the first to admit that too much time has passed since CYCLEBUTTCRACK BEER Run #1.  The air has changed to the crisp chill of autumn.  The leaves have begun to turn.  Most importantly the summer seasonal BEERS have given way to the fall beer seasonals.  Fall is the time of Oktoberfest, Crisp Ryes and Pumpkin ales.  In the spirit of the harvest, BEER Run #2 would be… Read More »