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BEER Jerseys at LOWERCASE Brewing!!!

It has been a while since I discovered LOWERCASE Brewing.  I was pushing through a dark, cold winter commute when I saw a glowing open sign in an otherwise quiet street in South Park.  I had to stop.  I like to call this tip my Accidental BEER Run.  LOWERCASE is in a convenient location.  Perhaps a little too convenient, since LOWERCASE sits right on the Duwamish trail route a couple miles… Read More »

Beer Run IV

My last BEER Run to Lower Case Brewing was months ago.  It was not even an intentional BEER Run.  I just stumbled across it on my ride home one evening.  I was long overdue for a more formal BEER Run (BEER Run IV).  My plan was to go from the Tukwila Community Center to Ballard to Peddler Brewing.  On my way home, I was planning on stopping at Lower Case Brewing. … Read More »

Small victory!

Puget Sound’s Link Light Rail has a new advertising campaign extolling the virtues of combining cycling and light rail for your commute.  This is a lovely idea.  I do not have any place at work to shower.  I could ride my bike to the train station, ride the train downtown then ride my bike home.  That way I would not be too stinky while at work and I could still… Read More »

Not your ordinary cycling kit

  I know some of you good folks think that my CYCLEBUTTCRACK jersey is out there. You snicker when I ride by, “Whoa, look at that dude’s jersey, it’s a BUTTCRACK”. (It’s ok, I know you’re jealous!)  But let me tell you, multi-day rides bring out the some really interesting outfits. Take this guy- I know the photo isn’t the best, but I didn’t want to get too close for… Read More »

Power ASSisted… Cheating?

The 1948 Wizzer otorized bicycle is a classic sought after by collectors.  It also has an amusing name 🙂  There is an extensive network of trails, bike lanes and low traffic roads surrounding my home in Washington.  From my front door, I can be on the nearest trail (The Green/Duwamish River Trail) in less than 5 minutes.  There I have the scenery, weather and lack of car noise to keep me company. … Read More »

Talking about a RESOLUTION

I used to dread the gym in January.  There were ‘newbes’ everywhere.  None of them practiced any form of gym etiquette.  They would step in front of you to hop on a piece of equipment.  They would not put their shit away when they were done.  They clearly had no idea what the hell they are doing, but would still get annoyed with you if you offered any sort of suggestion.  Worst of… Read More »

A wonderful, what I assume is a post war, British film from 1945 showing the construction of a bicycle.  It is really interesting to see what has changed.  What is more interesting is how much has not changed in the last 60+ years.  Enjoy!  I would love to know more about the bicycle being produced.  If the 3-4 people who view my blog know anything about it, please let me know. … Read More »

Green revolution.

I found a video of a cycle powered movie on YouTube this afternoon.  I thought it was a great idea.  I would love to see my local cycle club sponsor such an event.  It would be awesome!  I posted the video on the CYCLEBUTTCRACK facebook page.  Cycle Powered Theater. Well this got me thinking about using legs to power other things.  There is the cycle powered water pump.  I then found this… Read More »