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Seattle Bike to Work Day 2014 – What about Drive to Work Day?

On Friday the 16th of May 2014, Seattle and many other cities celebrated Bike to Work Day.  Bike to Work Day is part of May which is Bike Month.  Seattle had good weather and expected to set the record for their Bike to Work Day with over 20,000 participants.  That is an impressive number.  I rode the 25 mile round trip to work.  I stopped on the way for some… Read More »

Accidental Beer run

Lower Case, a small comfortable South Park brewpub.  This night featuring the elusive whale tale! It had been raining in Seattle for weeks.  When it is not raining, my busy schedule has prevented me from riding.  The sad truth is, it has been over a month since I last rode.  I should be shamed and shunned by my cycling buddies and the readers of this blog.  It is time to… Read More »

Winter Commuting: Part 1

I am a fair weather cyclist.  When the temperature and precipitation begin to drop, my bike and my cycling aspirations go into hibernation.  There are few things I hate more than riding in the rain.  Riding in the cold is tolerable, but just barely. This year is a little different.  I have taken a new job.  Now instead of commuting to work in the warm, lazy comfort of mine auto-mobile…… Read More »