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Hard ASS!

Hard ass!  I have been sidelined for the last few days with a cold.  However, I have been riding in the cold weather as much as I could.  The week before I got sick, I managed to ride two days in record cold Seattle temperatures.  I feel like a hard ass when I brave the cold temperatures.  There are very few other cyclists on the road and everyone I talk… Read More »

Night Rider!

Night Rider.   After years of unusually clear, dry weather in Seattle, this fall has been on the moist side.  I never liked riding in the rain.  My riding schedule has had many rain soaked interruptions.  Also in November, I lived the adventures of Superman when I hit a softball sized stone.  As a result, I barely hit 200 miles on the odometer in November.  December has given us much… Read More »

I am an idiot cyclist

I am an idiot cyclist… Anywhere there are people complaining about cyclists and sharing the road, you are likely to hear the same tired argument.  ‘How do you expect us to share the roads when those asshole cyclists don’t follow the rules of the road.  Cyclists never stop at stop lines or stop lights.’  Sigh.  I am so sick of this tired, sad argument.  Most cyclists are also drivers, as… Read More »

Why Cyclists Should not Flip the Bird.

I am fond of flipping the bird.  I do admit it is crass.  It certainly is crude.  In terms of expression it is not particularly creative.  However, it is a quick, easy and painless method to express my frustration.  Usually when said gesture is complete, I feel much better.  An extended middle finger is silly when you think about it but it is a very old gesture.  Flipping the Bird… Read More »

Conflict resolution…

Picture if you will an event distant and a long time ago.  Your friendly blog writer had a girlfriend living at his house.  Shocking!  How is that possible that this cretin had a female of the opposite sex interested in him?  It is still a question I ask myself on a daily basis.  While the relationship came to a predictable end (she came to her senses and left) It did… Read More »

The process of bicycle fabrication is fascinating to me.  You have the big companies producing thousands of bikes in Taiwan.  They make great bikes, however the idea of having a bike made specifically for me would make me as happy as a little girl.  A bike that fits like a glove that makes me comfortable and faster.  Seven is american made, custom and use Titanium as well as carbon….  Ooooooh Titanium!  I sould find and… Read More »

Mutherf$*king Bike

Since I have discovered this video, it has become the theme song of my life.  I love this song!  There are several members of the cycling community portraid in this video, including the aggressive commuter, the sideburn wearing hipster, fixie rider and the overly competitive road cyclist.  I most closely identify myself with the overly competitive roadie…  However, I can see a little bit of me in each of these characters even though I… Read More »

Super Clydesdale?

I am what the cycling aficionados would refer to as a clydesdale.  I am 6′-2 1/2″ tall and weigh somewhere between 220 and 235 depending on the time of the year.  As the cycling season progresses, I get lighter.  During the off-season, I like to focus on yoga and strength training.  I do not have the classic cycling physique.  Despite this handicap, I am obsessed with climbing.  I love to climb! … Read More »

Kitsap Color Classic

Sadly my crazy work schedule and abundant smoke East of the Cascade Mountains in Washington meant that I would be unable to participate in my all time favorite fall ride.  The Wine Country Trek is a small ride with about 250 people and goes from Yakima to Prosser through hop, apple, mint, grape and melon fields.  The sights and smells are worth the price of admission alone, but the food is what really makes… Read More »