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A hard decision!

A hard decision! I love my 1988 Cannondale ST1000.  Chics dig the purple bike and it gets lots of compliments whenever I ride it.  I love the Shimano Biopace chain rings and I enjoy the friction shifting drivetrain.  In fact, I like it so much, I even wrote a review for the blog.  You can check it out here.  Despite the fact that I dig the Purple Bike, it is… Read More »

Cyclists need to get off of the Road!

Cyclists need to get off of the Road! You have heard it or some derivative yelled from the windows of a passing car.  People have asked why, ‘you people’ insist on riding in the road.  Hell I have even read a woman’s dating profile which list cyclists riding in the roads as her biggest pet peeve.  For obvious reasons I would never date someone with such an abhorrent attitude, but… Read More »

Night Rider!

Night Rider.   After years of unusually clear, dry weather in Seattle, this fall has been on the moist side.  I never liked riding in the rain.  My riding schedule has had many rain soaked interruptions.  Also in November, I lived the adventures of Superman when I hit a softball sized stone.  As a result, I barely hit 200 miles on the odometer in November.  December has given us much… Read More »

Cyclists should register their bikes

Last week on the blog, we took on the Cliché bike-lash comment ‘Cyclists do not pay for the road.’  It turns out that the post piqued a lot of your interest.  I saw a huge spike in traffic!  Thank you.  It seems a lot of you are tired of this crap too!  Well there is no shortage of cliché bike-lash stupid arguments against cycling and cyclists.  I can keep going… Read More »

Cyclists don’t pay for the road!

Talk to any bike hater and you will hear the same tired arguments.  They have become cliché.  They include: ‘Cyclists don’t pay for the road!  They should not be allowed to use them.’ or ‘Cyclists never follow the rules of the road.’ or ‘All cyclists should pay registration and have a license.’  Blech!  If I had a dollar for every time I heard one of these stupid comments, I would… Read More »

My nemesis.

Every day on my commute, I come face to face with my nemesis.  The Spokane street Bridge.  The Spokane Street Bridge is a concrete double leaf swing bridge.  Here is more information if you are an engineering nerd.    The bridge is a very popular cycling route connecting West Seattle to Downtown Seattle.  There have been over 250,000 bike crossings over the bridge so far this year.  Here are some numbers.… Read More »

I am an idiot cyclist

I am an idiot cyclist… Anywhere there are people complaining about cyclists and sharing the road, you are likely to hear the same tired argument.  ‘How do you expect us to share the roads when those asshole cyclists don’t follow the rules of the road.  Cyclists never stop at stop lines or stop lights.’  Sigh.  I am so sick of this tired, sad argument.  Most cyclists are also drivers, as… Read More »

Why Cyclists Should not Flip the Bird.

I am fond of flipping the bird.  I do admit it is crass.  It certainly is crude.  In terms of expression it is not particularly creative.  However, it is a quick, easy and painless method to express my frustration.  Usually when said gesture is complete, I feel much better.  An extended middle finger is silly when you think about it but it is a very old gesture.  Flipping the Bird… Read More »

Review: Continental Gatorskins and 4000s.

A reader and good friend suggested that I talk about tires on the BUTTCRACK Blog.  He had just done extensive research in purchasing his latest set.  I am always open to suggestions for future blog posts.  I may not be an expert, but I will do some research and augment it with my personal experience. So my friend, lets call him Chopper B. rides a Soma touring bike with disc… Read More »