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REBLOG: Adelaide

REBLOG:  Adelaide With over 100 posts under my belt, you might assume that I have this blogging thing down.  Clearly that is not the case.  This is my first attempt at a re-blog.  I hope that I am following all the correct protocol.  I certainly want to credit the author and encourage those of you to read this to reach out to the author and offer your support.  Here is… Read More »

Why Cyclists Should not Flip the Bird.

I am fond of flipping the bird.  I do admit it is crass.  It certainly is crude.  In terms of expression it is not particularly creative.  However, it is a quick, easy and painless method to express my frustration.  Usually when said gesture is complete, I feel much better.  An extended middle finger is silly when you think about it but it is a very old gesture.  Flipping the Bird… Read More »

Seattle Bike to Work Day 2014 – What about Drive to Work Day?

On Friday the 16th of May 2014, Seattle and many other cities celebrated Bike to Work Day.  Bike to Work Day is part of May which is Bike Month.  Seattle had good weather and expected to set the record for their Bike to Work Day with over 20,000 participants.  That is an impressive number.  I rode the 25 mile round trip to work.  I stopped on the way for some… Read More »

Kimberley Davis… What this Australian twit teaches us about the state of American roads?

Last week I discovered this lovely piece of humanity.  Her name is Kimberley Davis, a provisional Australian driver who hit a cyclist while texting.  When she hit the cyclist she broke his back and he spent months recuperating from his injuries.  Her attitude was something I would have expected from an American.  She showed no remorse and was annoyed by the damage that the cyclist inflicted on her expensive BMW.  You… Read More »