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Talking about a RESOLUTION

I used to dread the gym in January.  There were ‘newbes’ everywhere.  None of them practiced any form of gym etiquette.  They would step in front of you to hop on a piece of equipment.  They would not put their shit away when they were done.  They clearly had no idea what the hell they are doing, but would still get annoyed with you if you offered any sort of suggestion.  Worst of… Read More »

Tale of two seasons.

Cycling season came to an early conclusion for me this year.  Here in Seattle, it can extend all the way into early November.  This year, we were not so fortunate.  Me being the fair weather wussy cyclist that I am could not fathom braving the cold and the wet through 6 months of dreary damp gloom.  So my bikes hang on their hooks, looking longingly at me every time I walk into… Read More »