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Local Bike Shop, BPA Seattle

This weekend was the annual Fremont Solstice Parade.  I had really been looking forward to it.  If you are not familiar with the Solstice parade, it is truly a one of a kind event.  Located in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, the solstice parade celebrates the summer solstice.  All of the floats are human powered, edgy and very creative.  There are all different types of music.  The crowning touch of… Read More »

Bicycle Helmet Safety: Is your helmet protecting you?

I admit that I do not put a lot of thought into my helmet.  I have several friends who were saved by their Styrofoam lids.  However, since they are comfortable, lightweight and well vented I rarely think about it other than remembering to stick it on my head. Some enterprising Swedes had a different perspective.  They always thought that the helmet was awkward and uncomfortable.  Not to mention what it… Read More »

Clydesdale Chronicles… Introduction.

I look more like this guy than Lance Armstrong. Like many, I imagine myself powering through sprints and climbing like a mountain goat.  I imagine myself punishing anyone who tries to hold my wheel. My illusions of grandeur come crashing down whenever I go on a group ride.  If that is not discouraging enough looking in the mirror really shows me the truth.  I look more like the gentleman on… Read More »