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CYCLEBUTTCRACK: Introduction (A little late)

I am currently working on a new improved  I am heading to a WordPress format for Search Engine Optimization advantages.  This has been a bit of a difficult learning curve for me, but I am finally making good progress!  Keep your eye out for a new site preview and a brand new CYCLEBUTTCRACK.  I have high hopes for this new phase. In looking for home or introduction verbiage, it… Read More »

Colnago C59Disc.

Since the introduction of disc brakes to mountain bikes, I have anxiously awaited the introduction of disc brakes on road bikes.  Truth of the matter is that I hate the rim brakes.  They are grabby, mushy non-responsive and lack any real control.  They also can wear out your rims.  From 40 mph it can litereally take a quarter of a mile to stop.  If there are wet conditions, it is… Read More »

So I admit to being a wussie, fair weather commuter.  I would like to change that, but the prospect of riding through Seattle rain to and from work all winter is not appealing.  My other concern is…  What about my poor bike!  I am currently commuting on my 2003 Giant OCR 1.  She has about 20k miles on her and we have been through a lot together.  Sure she is… Read More »

Buttcrack Blog introduction

RSVP 2012 first rest stop. Hi and welcome to my lil ol’ blog.  This is my second foray into the blogosphere.  My first sought to follow me though my training exploits and organized rides in an effort to promote my business venture, CYCLEBUTCRACK.  I soon found that I had few followers, and not every training ride or organized ride is interesting enough to share.  So I gave up on the BUTTCRACK Blog.  In… Read More »

RSVP 2011 Day 1 Archive

The first day of RSVP is a cruel, hard mistress.  She likes to remind me that it has been a month since STP and taking a few rides off as reward for a job well done is not a good idea.  Like STP, RSVP has some long, grinding, flats but she is also graced with some lumpy terrain.  RSVP is more of a challenge, but the scenery is much more… Read More »

Archive 2011 STP

Finish line shenanigans! St. John’s Bridge As STP and the premier of CYCLEBUTTCRACK drew near, I was quite nervous and excited.  The alarm was set for 4:00 am, but I was up an hour early.  When the ride began, I could finally relax.  It felt like a normal ride until someone pulled up along side of me and asked, ‘Is that jersey designed to look like that?  It is hilarious!’ … Read More »