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Stupid Cycling Laws 2.

Stupid Cycling Laws 2.  It is the beginning of the year.  This means that the state legislatures are in session.  It is the time when budgets are set and new laws are proposed, debated and enacted.  Unfortunately, sometimes these laws adversely affect cyclists.  So last year I wrote a little piece titled Stupid Cycling Laws.  It turned out to be a very popular piece which garnered a lot of attention. … Read More »

RAGBRAI Tips Part 1… Pre-ride

Based on a fan’s suggestion on Facebook and watching a few You Tube videos, I bought a plane ticket to ride across a state halfway across the country. In otherwords, I rode RAGBRAI!  I now consider Iowa another adopted home, at least for one week a year. I came home from Omaha tired, sweaty, sore and smelly but I was sad it was over and I can’t wait to do it again! Needless to… Read More »

Not your ordinary cycling kit

  I know some of you good folks think that my CYCLEBUTTCRACK jersey is out there. You snicker when I ride by, “Whoa, look at that dude’s jersey, it’s a BUTTCRACK”. (It’s ok, I know you’re jealous!)  But let me tell you, multi-day rides bring out the some really interesting outfits. Take this guy- I know the photo isn’t the best, but I didn’t want to get too close for… Read More »

RAGBRAI – 270 miles of bacon!

Besides the beautiful scenery and great exercise, organized rides are good for eating all kinds of stuff normally to be avoided. Like candied bacon. Yep. And BEER. I finally found some real microbrews in Iowa. Whoo-hoo! Now I know that candied bacon isn’t exactly on the approved nutrition list for cyclists. But DAMN it was good! And the BEER. Thank you Des Moines! I know I am a BEER snob from… Read More »

RAGBRAI – Midwestern hospitality

Cynical cheeky guy from the Northwest has been overwhelmed by the welcome he’s received from the great folks of Iowa. I’ve done a lot of rides in the great state of Washington. We might have some serious hills out here, but we sure don’t have folks shaking my hand when I roll into town….accompanied by 10,000 other riders. Last year on the Seattle to Portland ride, I saw signs saying… Read More »

Lance Armstrong likes my jersey!

So it’s true! Whatever you might think of Lance Armstrong and his fame, he’s still a damn fast rider. And he likes the CYCLEBUTTCRACK Jersey. Let me explain…. I wouldn’t have met him, except for some logistical issues. Had to pack up the rental car and take it to the airport, then ride the 9 miles to the start in Council Bluffs. Between taking a wrong turn and having to ride… Read More »