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Stupid Cycling Laws 2.

Stupid Cycling Laws 2.  It is the beginning of the year.  This means that the state legislatures are in session.  It is the time when budgets are set and new laws are proposed, debated and enacted.  Unfortunately, sometimes these laws adversely affect cyclists.  So last year I wrote a little piece titled Stupid Cycling Laws.  It turned out to be a very popular piece which garnered a lot of attention. … Read More »

Stupid Cycling Laws. Do you know how to stop them?

Stupid Cycling Laws.  Do you know how to stop them? Here we are in the middle of January 2015.  The new year is still shiny, brand new, and full of potential.  Plans are optimistic and hopes are high.   All the promises of the year to come have yet to be broken.  And that brings us to politics.  This is the time of the State of the Union Address and in… Read More »

The Idaho Stop… Can’t we follow Idaho’s lead?

Trucks like this are common where I grew up. I grew up in the rural part of Southeastern Idaho.  I never ever thought of it as a cycling friendly area.  You are much more likely to see a jacked up truck with a gun rack, a four wheeler or a dirt bike on the road than a cyclist decked out in his/her spandex power ranger uniform. A few years ago… Read More »