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Team Earworm

I will be leaving for RAGBRAI in less than a month.  After a tough year both personally and professionally, RAGBRAI will be a great escape.  There is a lot of work to be done, before the ride, but since I am riding solo, there is not a lot of coordination to be done. However, it would be fun to ride with a team!  I have even put some thought into… Read More »

Jens Voigt’s hour playlist

Like many, I was sad to hear that Jens Voigt was finally retiring.  The void left by Lance Armstrong left many looking for a cycling hero.  For me that was a renegade who took pleasure in the break away, enjoyed making others suffer and enjoyed throwing the entire race into chaos.  That guy was Jens Voigt.  Not only was he a beast on the bike, but he was interesting and funny.… Read More »

Biking Music.

One of my biggest cycling pet peeves is people wearing headphones while riding.  People cannot hear me yell, ‘On your left!’  Then they looked surprised, scared and annoyed when I pass them.  This is annoying, but it is even worse when done on the road.  You cannot hear approaching vehicles.  It is dangerous.  NEVER WEAR HEADPHONES WHILE CYCLING! Over the last few years, I have noticed a compromise.  People have… Read More »