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Cyclists should register their bikes

Last week on the blog, we took on the Cliché bike-lash comment ‘Cyclists do not pay for the road.’  It turns out that the post piqued a lot of your interest.  I saw a huge spike in traffic!  Thank you.  It seems a lot of you are tired of this crap too!  Well there is no shortage of cliché bike-lash stupid arguments against cycling and cyclists.  I can keep going… Read More »

Cyclists don’t pay for the road!

Talk to any bike hater and you will hear the same tired arguments.  They have become cliché.  They include: ‘Cyclists don’t pay for the road!  They should not be allowed to use them.’ or ‘Cyclists never follow the rules of the road.’ or ‘All cyclists should pay registration and have a license.’  Blech!  If I had a dollar for every time I heard one of these stupid comments, I would… Read More »

RAGBRAI Tips Part 1… Pre-ride

Based on a fan’s suggestion on Facebook and watching a few You Tube videos, I bought a plane ticket to ride across a state halfway across the country. In otherwords, I rode RAGBRAI!  I now consider Iowa another adopted home, at least for one week a year. I came home from Omaha tired, sweaty, sore and smelly but I was sad it was over and I can’t wait to do it again! Needless to… Read More »

Not your ordinary cycling kit

  I know some of you good folks think that my CYCLEBUTTCRACK jersey is out there. You snicker when I ride by, “Whoa, look at that dude’s jersey, it’s a BUTTCRACK”. (It’s ok, I know you’re jealous!)  But let me tell you, multi-day rides bring out the some really interesting outfits. Take this guy- I know the photo isn’t the best, but I didn’t want to get too close for… Read More »