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A new hope…

A new hope…   Blogging came to me out of necessity.  I started the BUTTCRACK Blog to get people to my website and hopefully to buy CYCLEBUTTCRACK Jerseys, T-shirts and eventually stickers.  To my amazement, I actually started to enjoy blogging.  Even more surprising, people started reading and following my blog.  I have been recognized by strangers on bike rides thanks to my blog.  I average over 2,000 views a… Read More »

Cycling priorities

Well it is Wednesday morning and I am finally writing my Monday evening blog post.  What does that say about where my priorities are?  Ha!  Well I took some time to edit a bunch of my previous posts.  I also have two businesses and a part time job.  Sometimes it is hard to keep up.  I am proud that I have been able to write a new post every week!… Read More »