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RAGBRAI 2014 – Craft BEER!

RAGBRAI 2014 – Craft BEER! RAGBRAI is a bike ride.  RAGBRAI is a party. The party beverage of choice at RAGBRAI is BEER.  Unfortunately, Iowa is not the cradle of the craft beer movement.  In Forest City, I asked a local pizza shop owner where could find a micro brew.  His response, ‘Oh you mean SNOB BEER?’  I informed him I was looking for beer with flavor.  This was one… Read More »

RAGBRAI 2014 Day 7 – The glorious last day

This year’s RAGBRAI was a big challenge for me.  There was the heat and humidity, which certainly took its toll the first few days.  During those first days my friends The Stones kept me company.  No, not the Rolling Stones, the kidney stones.  They really sap your strength on a bike.  My glasses were blown off my face and ran over.   I lost my debit card.  I destroyed a… Read More »

RAGBRAI 2014 Day 6 – There’s a storm Brewing

When I went to bed Thursday night.  There was not a cloud in the sky.  I found an outlet to charge my phone and all was well with the world.  Concerns of possible thunderstorms had vanished.  I settled into my tiny tent for a restful night’s sleep.  That was cut short somewhere between 3:00 am and the ass-crack of dawn.  I was awoken by rain landing on my tent.  If… Read More »

RAGBRAI 2014 Day 5 – A milestone, museums and Amish pie!

Mason City was fun and the best Hump Day Ever!  Thursday’s adventures would have me heading to Waverly, IA.   At RAGBRAI, every day’s adventure begins with breaking down camp, putting all your crap back in a bag and getting it to the baggage truck.  This may not seem like much until you consider that thousands of people are doing the exact same thing.  We are setting up tent cities… Read More »

RAGBRAI 2014 Day 4 Short and Sweet

RAGBRAI 2014 Day 4, promised to be a short and sweet affair.  Despite the challenges of the previous day’s rides, I felt as though I was getting stronger.  The soreness in my legs had begun to subside, I was finally catching up on my sleep and I was beginning to relax and let loose.  I had been looking forward to getting to Mason City.  I am an architecture dork and… Read More »

RAGBRAI 2014 Day 3. Wind, Wind and more Wind!

RAGBRAI Day 3 turned out to be one of those days when I wished I didn’t wear prescription glasses. They have some wind in Iowa, that’s for sure! It was 81 miles from Emmetsburg to Forest City. A head wind is the cruelest of the winds. However, the side wind is just a jerk! The previous day’s ride ended with an 8 mile pull into a brutal headwind coming out of the south.  The… Read More »

RAGBRAI 2014 Day 2

The ride from Okojobi to Emmetsberg was supposed to be a breeze.  At only 41 miles and 1,000 feet of elevation gain, it is the type of ride I can handle in my sleep.  Well, the ride was indeed a breeze, but not in the way that I expected. Since it was going to be a short day,  I got a late start.  The evening before, I enjoyed fine craft brews… Read More »

Entry to Iowa or RAGBRAI 2014 Day 1

Flying to Iowa from Washington State is never easy. Not lots of options for direct flights. Go figure. So through Dallas was the plan. Damn thunderstorms. One redeye to Chicago later, I arrived in Iowa with a lot of bags and not enough sleep. But I didn’t care! I was at RAGBRAI for the second time! Of course, I had a booth at the Expo. It was fun, although I… Read More »