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2015 Resolutions and FREE stickers?!

2015 Resolutions and FREE stickers?!   The end of the year is a time for reflection.  A time to look back on where you have been and a time to look towards the future.  Lets be honest, most people just don’t care.  Check your social media connections, look at all the new years wishes and resolutions that people post.  How many do you actually read?  So why in the hell… Read More »

Talking about a RESOLUTION

I used to dread the gym in January.  There were ‘newbes’ everywhere.  None of them practiced any form of gym etiquette.  They would step in front of you to hop on a piece of equipment.  They would not put their shit away when they were done.  They clearly had no idea what the hell they are doing, but would still get annoyed with you if you offered any sort of suggestion.  Worst of… Read More »