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A hard decision!

A hard decision! I love my 1988 Cannondale ST1000.  Chics dig the purple bike and it gets lots of compliments whenever I ride it.  I love the Shimano Biopace chain rings and I enjoy the friction shifting drivetrain.  In fact, I like it so much, I even wrote a review for the blog.  You can check it out here.  Despite the fact that I dig the Purple Bike, it is… Read More »

I am an idiot cyclist

I am an idiot cyclist… Anywhere there are people complaining about cyclists and sharing the road, you are likely to hear the same tired argument.  ‘How do you expect us to share the roads when those asshole cyclists don’t follow the rules of the road.  Cyclists never stop at stop lines or stop lights.’  Sigh.  I am so sick of this tired, sad argument.  Most cyclists are also drivers, as… Read More »

Review: Scott Solace 30

Review: Scott Solace 30 So I let it slip to Cyclebuttcrack a few months ago that I am on the hunt for a new bike. Somehow, I agreed to use my bike search as part of a guest blog for Cyclebuttcrack. Anyway,  I am looking for the elusive “all-a-rounder” bike. I generally ride steel bikes (I currently ride a Soma Double-Cross touring/CX/commuter) which I love tremendously, but was looking something in… Read More »

Vintage Bike Review: 1989 Cannondale ST1000

Vintage Bike Review:  1989 Cannondale ST1000 There is a surplus of sad, neglected and perfectly good used bikes available.  Vintage bikes often have low mileage, are in great shape and are ready to be brought back to life.  Just check your local Craigslist and your are likely to find hundreds of vintage bikes for sale.  They range from pre-war heirlooms worth thousands of dollars to new-ish K-mart bikes for free and… Read More »

Review: Pearl Izumi Elite Shorts… You butt is like a snowflake.

Review: Pearl Izumi Elite Shorts I have been a roadie for about 10 years.  In that time, I have come to appreciate the importance of chamois cream, the correct bike seat and a good pair of bike shorts.  As I am sure that you know, a good pair of bike shorts is a pretty substantial investment.  Unfortunately unlike your stylish and sophisticated CYCLEBUTTCRACK jerseys, your bike shorts are a high… Read More »

Mutherf$*king Bike

Since I have discovered this video, it has become the theme song of my life.  I love this song!  There are several members of the cycling community portraid in this video, including the aggressive commuter, the sideburn wearing hipster, fixie rider and the overly competitive road cyclist.  I most closely identify myself with the overly competitive roadie…  However, I can see a little bit of me in each of these characters even though I… Read More »

Kitsap Color Classic

Sadly my crazy work schedule and abundant smoke East of the Cascade Mountains in Washington meant that I would be unable to participate in my all time favorite fall ride.  The Wine Country Trek is a small ride with about 250 people and goes from Yakima to Prosser through hop, apple, mint, grape and melon fields.  The sights and smells are worth the price of admission alone, but the food is what really makes… Read More »

I don’t get to participate in CYCLEBUTTCRACK shenanigans as often as I would like.  In addition to CYCLEBUTTCRACK, I have a wonderful girlfriend, full time job, family obligations, a house to care for and a cat named Sparkplug.  Like most of you, it is hard for me to find time to ride.  Another problem is that my petrol monster keeps demanding gasoline to take me from place to place.  The… Read More »

Buttcrack Blog introduction

RSVP 2012 first rest stop. Hi and welcome to my lil ol’ blog.  This is my second foray into the blogosphere.  My first sought to follow me though my training exploits and organized rides in an effort to promote my business venture, CYCLEBUTCRACK.  I soon found that I had few followers, and not every training ride or organized ride is interesting enough to share.  So I gave up on the BUTTCRACK Blog.  In… Read More »