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RSVP Day 2 or happy Canadians make us wait at the border

Dutch Mother in Lynden.  Your Dutch Mother loves you! The second day of RSVP is great. There is the traditional phenomenal breakfast in Lynden, WA where your Dutch Mother loves you. The Dutch Mother sets up a special buffet especially for RSVP. It is an RSVP tradition. There is also hill climbing.  After breakfast and our time at the border, we all dread ‘The Wall.’  ‘The Wall’ is an evil hill… Read More »

Super Clydesdale?

I am what the cycling aficionados would refer to as a clydesdale.  I am 6′-2 1/2″ tall and weigh somewhere between 220 and 235 depending on the time of the year.  As the cycling season progresses, I get lighter.  During the off-season, I like to focus on yoga and strength training.  I do not have the classic cycling physique.  Despite this handicap, I am obsessed with climbing.  I love to climb! … Read More »

I don’t get to participate in CYCLEBUTTCRACK shenanigans as often as I would like.  In addition to CYCLEBUTTCRACK, I have a wonderful girlfriend, full time job, family obligations, a house to care for and a cat named Sparkplug.  Like most of you, it is hard for me to find time to ride.  Another problem is that my petrol monster keeps demanding gasoline to take me from place to place.  The… Read More »

Buttcrack Blog introduction

RSVP 2012 first rest stop. Hi and welcome to my lil ol’ blog.  This is my second foray into the blogosphere.  My first sought to follow me though my training exploits and organized rides in an effort to promote my business venture, CYCLEBUTCRACK.  I soon found that I had few followers, and not every training ride or organized ride is interesting enough to share.  So I gave up on the BUTTCRACK Blog.  In… Read More »

RSVP 2011 Day 2 Archive

I spent a turbulent night in a tent after day one of the RSVP.  But you say to yourself, ‘CYCLEBUTTCRACK…  There are no camp sites available in Bellingham for RSVP!’  You are correct!  It is a long story.  Needless to say I was so concerned about bringing you the BUTTCRACK that I failed to investigate this key detail.  I do wonder who in the hell would organize a ride without camping? … Read More »

RSVP 2011 Day 1 Archive

The first day of RSVP is a cruel, hard mistress.  She likes to remind me that it has been a month since STP and taking a few rides off as reward for a job well done is not a good idea.  Like STP, RSVP has some long, grinding, flats but she is also graced with some lumpy terrain.  RSVP is more of a challenge, but the scenery is much more… Read More »