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Superman!  I am a bit of a fair weather cycling wimp.  I live in Seattle, but hate riding in the rain.  Wow!  Did I ever move to the wrong place!  Anyway, this November has lived up to Seattle’s reputation with lots of damp days and very little commuting for me.  Last Wednesday, I headed out for what would have been only my third bike commute in two weeks.  I was… Read More »

Why Cyclists Should not Flip the Bird.

I am fond of flipping the bird.  I do admit it is crass.  It certainly is crude.  In terms of expression it is not particularly creative.  However, it is a quick, easy and painless method to express my frustration.  Usually when said gesture is complete, I feel much better.  An extended middle finger is silly when you think about it but it is a very old gesture.  Flipping the Bird… Read More »

Bicycle Helmet Safety: Is your helmet protecting you?

I admit that I do not put a lot of thought into my helmet.  I have several friends who were saved by their Styrofoam lids.  However, since they are comfortable, lightweight and well vented I rarely think about it other than remembering to stick it on my head. Some enterprising Swedes had a different perspective.  They always thought that the helmet was awkward and uncomfortable.  Not to mention what it… Read More »