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My nemesis.

Every day on my commute, I come face to face with my nemesis.  The Spokane street Bridge.  The Spokane Street Bridge is a concrete double leaf swing bridge.  Here is more information if you are an engineering nerd.    The bridge is a very popular cycling route connecting West Seattle to Downtown Seattle.  There have been over 250,000 bike crossings over the bridge so far this year.  Here are some numbers.… Read More »

I am an idiot cyclist

I am an idiot cyclist… Anywhere there are people complaining about cyclists and sharing the road, you are likely to hear the same tired argument.  ‘How do you expect us to share the roads when those asshole cyclists don’t follow the rules of the road.  Cyclists never stop at stop lines or stop lights.’  Sigh.  I am so sick of this tired, sad argument.  Most cyclists are also drivers, as… Read More »

RSVP Day 2 or happy Canadians make us wait at the border

Dutch Mother in Lynden.  Your Dutch Mother loves you! The second day of RSVP is great. There is the traditional phenomenal breakfast in Lynden, WA where your Dutch Mother loves you. The Dutch Mother sets up a special buffet especially for RSVP. It is an RSVP tradition. There is also hill climbing.  After breakfast and our time at the border, we all dread ‘The Wall.’  ‘The Wall’ is an evil hill… Read More »