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Cancelled – The Seattle Bike Expo

Seattle is home to a thriving bike culture.  The STP (Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic) is one of the largest multi-day organized bike rides in country.  The ride spans between Seattle and Portland, two of the nation’s premier cycling meccas.  Bike commuting is increasing in Seattle.  Seattle is looking to continue to expand bike ridership with its bike master plan.    This month Seattle in unveiling its bike share program.… Read More »

RAGBRAI 2014 – Craft BEER!

RAGBRAI 2014 – Craft BEER! RAGBRAI is a bike ride.  RAGBRAI is a party. The party beverage of choice at RAGBRAI is BEER.  Unfortunately, Iowa is not the cradle of the craft beer movement.  In Forest City, I asked a local pizza shop owner where could find a micro brew.  His response, ‘Oh you mean SNOB BEER?’  I informed him I was looking for beer with flavor.  This was one… Read More »

Beer Run IV

My last BEER Run to Lower Case Brewing was months ago.  It was not even an intentional BEER Run.  I just stumbled across it on my ride home one evening.  I was long overdue for a more formal BEER Run (BEER Run IV).  My plan was to go from the Tukwila Community Center to Ballard to Peddler Brewing.  On my way home, I was planning on stopping at Lower Case Brewing. … Read More »

Rides: Flying Wheels Summer Century

I have a definite love hate relationship with Cascade’s Flying Wheels Summer Century.  Considered a major tune-up for the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic.  Cascade claims if you can handle the full century, you are on pace to ride STP in one day.  I am not so sure if that is true, but Flying Wheels is a challenging course.  I have ridden three Flying Wheels and it has always been… Read More »

Seattle Bike to Work Day 2014 – What about Drive to Work Day?

On Friday the 16th of May 2014, Seattle and many other cities celebrated Bike to Work Day.  Bike to Work Day is part of May which is Bike Month.  Seattle had good weather and expected to set the record for their Bike to Work Day with over 20,000 participants.  That is an impressive number.  I rode the 25 mile round trip to work.  I stopped on the way for some… Read More »

Review: Pearl Izumi Elite Shorts… You butt is like a snowflake.

Review: Pearl Izumi Elite Shorts I have been a roadie for about 10 years.  In that time, I have come to appreciate the importance of chamois cream, the correct bike seat and a good pair of bike shorts.  As I am sure that you know, a good pair of bike shorts is a pretty substantial investment.  Unfortunately unlike your stylish and sophisticated CYCLEBUTTCRACK jerseys, your bike shorts are a high… Read More »

CYCLEBUTTCRACK may have a new sponsor!!!

One of the many interesting, amusing booths at RAGBRAI this year.  I think CYCLEBUTTCRACK may have found a new sponsor!  I am not sure BBQ is the best ride fuel, but at least it is tasty.  Oh so very tasty.  RAGBRAI may be over, but I am not finished with it yet.  I am back home and want to tell you all the juicy details.  Up next is a review… Read More »

Upcoming RAGBRAI- and NEW GEAR!

Almost a year ago, a kind, enthusiastic BUTTHEAD posted on Facebook that she would love to see a CYCLEBUTTCRACK booth at the next RAGBRAI.  What is RAGBRAI, you may well ask….It’s only the longest, largest and oldest bicycling tour in the world. (And it stands for “Registrar’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa”) What a great idea- it’s time to take this BUTTCRACK out of the Pacific Northwest. I’m leaving for Iowa on… Read More »