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Live Wheelbuilding!

Live Wheelbuilding! It is easy to argue that building your own wheels is a waste of time. Complete wheels sets are often available for a lower price than the individual parts. Wheel building take a lot of practice Wheel building is a slow tedious project. The tools to build wheels are not cheap. Despite all of this, I still feel it is a good idea to learn to build your… Read More »

Clydesdale Chronicles: Wheels for heavier riders, Part III. The wheels I buy

Wheels for heavier riders, Part III.  The wheels I buy Anyone who is a Clydesdale and puts on a fair number of miles, like me, has likely gone through a wheelset or two.  I discussed the topic at length in the blog as follows: Clydesdale Chronicles: Wheels for Heavier Riders, Part 1. covers my history of breaking wheels. Clydesdale Chronicles: Wheels for Heavier Riders, Part 2. covers options for my… Read More »

Clydesdale Chronicles: Bike Wheels for heavier riders. Part II

In the previous edition of the Clydesdale Chronicles, I told you about the miles ridden and the damage done (to  my wheels).  So now it is time to buy a new set of wheels, but wheat wheels will work for a heavy rider like myself?  What wheels can withstand the heft of this mighty Clydesdale (230lbs)? Like anyone else in this computer driven world my first inquiry was made on the… Read More »

Clydesdale Chronicles: Bike wheels for heavier riders Part I

Clydesdales are hard on their bikes.  I am no exception.  I purchased a 2003 Giant OCR1 in the spring of 2004.  Since then, I have put somewhere in the neighborhood of 16,000-20,000 miles on the old girl.  During that time, I have replaced the following parts: My trusty Giant OCR1 once looked like this many years and many miles ago. Bottom Brackets (Average 1.5-2 years). Pedals (2) pairs Seats (3) Cassettes (3)… Read More »