CYCLEBUTTCRACK Classic Cycling Jersey


If you are in the market for a funny cycling jersey, you have come to the right place.  The idea for The CYCLEBUTTCRACK Classic Cycling Jersey was conceived during a very difficult day in the saddle.  This humorous thought proved to be a nice distraction.  I had to share my muse and created The CYCLEBUTTCRACK Classic Cycling Jersey.  It worked!!!  See for yourself, share some laughs and make some new friends with your own with The CYCLEBUTTCRACK Classic Jersey.  The CYCLEBUTTCRACK Classic Cycle Jersey features:

      • Reglan Cut Jersey
      • Sexy eye catching graphics
      • Fast drying wicking material
      • 3 Cheeky elastic topped pockets to keep items in place
      • Elastic cuffs and waistband to prevent accidentally exposing your real crack.
      • Size XS – 2XL

CYCLEBUTTCRACK Classic Cycling Jersey  $60.00

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