Clydesdale Chronicles… Introduction.

By | November 1, 2013
I look more like this guy
than Lance Armstrong.
Like many, I imagine myself powering through sprints and climbing like a mountain goat.  I imagine myself punishing anyone who tries to hold my wheel.
My illusions of grandeur come crashing down whenever I go on a group ride.  If that is not discouraging enough looking in the mirror really shows me the truth.  I look more like the gentleman on the left than Lance Armstrong.  I actually had a picture taken with Mr. Armstrong.  The first thing I though when I saw it was, ‘That damn skinny bastard makes me fat!’  If the 140 lb pure climbers and powerful sprinters are thoroughbreds…  That makes me a Clydesdale.  There I said it.  I am the big strong plow horse.  I may be good for plowing a field or pulling a wagon, but I am not going anywhere fast.  Those little guys will leave me in their dust.  This is not the only drawback of being a Clydesdale.
8 lbs is impressive.  This svelte
lovely would be lucky to survive
a 10 mile ride with me.
Being a Clydesdale affects more than just the size of your shorts and jersey.  It affects your gear.  Clydesdales know that the latest, greatest and lightest gear is not created with them in mind.  Many wheels, pedals, frames and even seat stems have weight limits.  Only Clydesdales like myself  know what it is like to break a crank arm, bottom bracket, set of wheels, seat post or frame.  Clearly we have special needs when it comes to gear.  The purpose of the Clydesdale Chronicles is to chronicle my search for appropriate gear for heavier riders.  I will research, test and evaluate components as I break them and share my experience with you.  Stay tuned!

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