Colnago C59Disc.

By | September 29, 2012
Since the introduction of disc brakes to mountain bikes, I have anxiously awaited the introduction of disc brakes on road bikes.  Truth of the matter is that I hate the rim brakes.  They are grabby, mushy non-responsive and lack any real control.  They also can wear out your rims.  From 40 mph it can litereally take a quarter of a mile to stop.  If there are wet conditions, it is even worse.  I rode the Tour De Blast a couple years ago.   We arrived to bad weather.  There were people turning back before the furst stop.  It was 40 degrees and raining buckets.  To make matters worse on the 40 mph decents in such wet conditions, our brakes were really only there for decoration.  They were almost totally useless.  Stopping took over a mile. 
There are some tourers with discs and a few cyclocross bikes, however I have yet to see discs on a true race machine.  What has all changed with this!!! 
Please take a second to soak in her majesty.  Try to contain your arousal.  Your eyes do not decieve you!  This lovely creature from Colnago has full-on hydralic disc brakes!  They are betting that discs will be become standard for all racers.  Soon Alberto Contador and the Schlecks and that British Guy will all be be stopping using disc power.  Even better, it this dream comes to fruition…  SO WILL I!!!  Read up about it at Bicycling Magazine which had no other option, but to put this on their cover.  I look forward to reading it too, with some romantic music and candles.
Sleep well knowing your future stops will be more controled, powerful and shorter.