Conflict resolution…

By | October 10, 2012

Picture if you will an event distant and a long time ago.  Your friendly blog writer had a girlfriend living at his house.  Shocking!  How is that possible that this cretin had a female of the opposite sex interested in him?  It is still a question I ask myself on a daily basis.  While the relationship came to a predictable end (she came to her senses and left) It did provide me with some interesting insights.  Key among them is that I NEED some sort of physical activity in order to deal with the stresses of daily life.  My girlfriend used to tell me that I was moody and difficult to deal with if I did not make it to the gym on a regular basis.  She also told me that I spent to much time at the gym and I need to spend more time at home.  If anyone can figure out that dichotomy please, please, please let me know. 

Anyway this week I had a terrible day.  I don’t go to the gym during the summer.  Instead my outlet is cycling.  Also since I work an evening shift, I find bike commuting difficult.  So at the end of my terrible day, I drove my econobox home and stewed in my pent up rage!  I slept poorly, my stomach was upset all night and I had a headache.  One bad day has now led to two.  Thinking about this I realized how much sense bicycle commuting makes.  If I get good and pissed at work, I will likely make it home 5-10 minutes quicker.  Rage powered commuting should be all the rage.  I know I have been tired, even felt bad after a particularly hard ride.  One thing I don’t remember feeling is stressed.  Even if some joker in a car cuts me off.  I am usually over it by the time I get home. 

So if cycling or phycisal activity relieves tension and enables one to let go of stress…  It stands to reason that cycling should be used as a method of conflict resolution.  If a conversation gets heated with a co-worker or significant other.  The solution is put on your cycling clothes and head out on a ride.  It would be hard to be too angry with the countryside rolling by.  Even better you would be making your body stronger with exercise rather than destroying it with stress.  It is the perfect means of conflict resolution.  Best of all, if you find yourself at an impass, hit the brakes.  Better yet pick up the pace and drop that bastard like a hot potato. 

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