CYCLEBUTTCRACK: Introduction (A little late)

By | October 16, 2013

I am currently working on a new improved  I am heading to a WordPress format for Search Engine Optimization advantages.  This has been a bit of a difficult learning curve for me, but I am finally making good progress!  Keep your eye out for a new site preview and a brand new CYCLEBUTTCRACK.  I have high hopes for this new phase.

In looking for home or introduction verbiage, it occurred to me that I did not have anything that I really liked.  Sure it is doubtful that most people will read it 🙂  however, I thought it would be worth CYCLEBUTTCRACK’s history.  It has been an amazing ride!

The idea for CYCLEBUTTCRACK was born on a long, hot miserable day in the saddle.  It was July 17, 2004 and I was participating in my first STP (Seattle to Portland) Bicycle Classic.  We had planned to ride all the way to Kelso (150 miles) on the first day.  It was a disaster.  At mile 50, my ride partner and I ate something that did not agree with us.  At the half way mark (mile 100) my ride partner had to abandon the ride.  He could not stay hydrated due to nausea.

A view like this was the inspiration for

That left me on my own for the last 50 miles.  It was a constant struggle to keep every gulp of water and bite of food down in the blazing heat.  While climbing a short climb, I glanced up at the rider in front of me.  He
was experiencing a wardrobe malfunction.  His shorts had come down exposing his BUTTCRACK.  In a moment of inspiration, I thought to myself, ‘Someone needs to put that on a jersey.’  CYCLEBUTTCRACK was born.   During the next 20 miles, I had a distraction from a very difficult day in the saddle.  I kept laughing to myself imagining a bike jersey with a BUTTCRACK on it.

Paper doll of the CYCLEBUTTCRACK Classic
Cycling Jersey worn by a sexy model, my hand.

Fast forward to July 21, 2009.  Like many, many people I lost my job as a result of the Great Recession.  In order to keep my house, I worked as a finish carpenter, framer, census worker laborer and finally a maintenance engineer.  I was lucky that in addition to keeping a roof over my head, I had some free time. My friends and family had heard about the idea of CYCLEBUTTCRACK and encouraged me to pursue it.  I went to work and the CYCLEBUTTCRACK Classic Jersey made its debut on July 9-10, 2011 at STP (Seattle to Portland) Bicycle Classic.  I was surprised by the number of compliments, laughs and words of encouragement from my fellow riders.  It was clear I had a hit on my hands.

Paper doll of the BEER Cycling
Jersey again modeled by
my sexy hand.

I have many, many jersey ideas that I just have to share.  This year at RAGBRAI, I debuted CYCLEBUTTCRACK’s second jersey.   The BEER Cycling Jersey lets your fellow cyclists know what beverage you will be ordering after the ride without specifying which one.  We also have the CHEEKY T-shirt if you feel the need to slip into something a little more comfortable.  CYCLEBUTTCRACK has come a long way, but we are just barely getting started.  Thank you for your order and I hope that I get to share more of my jersey and t-shirt ideas with you.


CYCLEBUTTCRACK is your purveyor of CHEEKY cycling gear.  Head to or for funny cycling jerseys, The BEER cycling Jersey and T-shirts!s!


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