Cycling priorities

By | February 19, 2014

Well it is Wednesday morning and I am finally writing my Monday evening blog post.  What does that say about where my priorities are?  Ha!  Well I took some time to edit a bunch of my previous posts.  I also have two businesses and a part time job.  Sometimes it is hard to keep up.  I am proud that I have been able to write a new post every week!  It is paying off.  this blog is getting more and more views every week.  It is exploding in popularity.  Thank you!

I was recently visiting my mother.  Out of the blue she tells me, ‘Some day you are going to lose interest in this cycling thing and find yourself a woman.’  What a horrible thing to say!  The strongest cyclists I know are retirement age.  I am hoping that I can stick with this hobby for the long haul.  I also hope that if/when I ‘find myself a woman,’ she can enjoy cycling with me.

Like a lot of people, my mom does not understand how I can spend so much time cycling.  When I tell people that I cycle…  I am often mocked, ridiculed or scolded because, ‘I once saw a cyclist run a stop sign.’  I really don’t dive a happy rat’s ass.  One year on the ‘Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic,’ we had just finished day one in Kelso, WA and we were hungry.  After freshening up, we went out to eat.  When we explained to the waitress what we had done, she looked at me and said, ‘Oh!  I thought you would be skinny!’  She did not receive a tip.  On the road it is no different.  I have been honked and yelled at.  People have thrown things at me.  I have been flipped off more times than I can count.

Cycling is one activity that people either LOVE or HATE.  I actually feel sorry for those who do not understand.  I used to get angry when people honked at me or made stupid, pig ignorant comments.  However, my priority is cycling.  I am out to enjoy my time on my bike.  Wasting time and energy getting mad about such things is a distraction.  It hurts my focus and makes it difficult to enjoy my hobby.  Now when I get honked at, I may fly the bird, but I rarely get upset.  When I am talking to someone who does not get it, I just change the subject.  Cycling is a priority and your silly antics will not change that nor are they worth wasting my time over.

2 thoughts on “Cycling priorities

  1. C.R.E.W.

    I do know what you mean about rude drivers getting angry with bike riders. In Iowa City there are lots of bikers, so it’s not like I’m the only one on the road. Even yesterday there were about 5 other bikers that I saw during my 14-mile trek around town (it warmed up to 50 degrees). In years past, I would hear “Get up on the sidewalk!” shouted at me as they drove past. Iowa City has an ordinance that prohibits bicycles on downtown sidewalks, so I usually stick to the streets whenever I ride. I must agree with you that cycling is usually a love it or hate it activity.

  2. Lance O

    We have a huge bike culture in Seattle. We are adding bike lanes at an amazing pace. The haters like to refer to it as the ‘War on Cars.’ Hilarity ensues! We are allowed on the sidewalk as long as we yield to pedestrians. Makes sense to me, but I am usually on the road!


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