Don’t be this guy!

By | October 14, 2012
A while back I posted this video on my personal Facebook page as well as my CYCLEBUTTCRACK Facebook page.  People seemed to really be amused by it.  However, one of the comments I got was from the former owner of my favorite bike shop.  He said that guy brought back memories.  My response was I bet you miss questions like that.  He said, ‘No!  No I do not!’  That really got me thinking.  This guy sold his business to escape a cornocopia of stupid questions and an avalanche of ‘douchey-ness.’  This is a real shame!
This video amuses the hell out of me.  The gentleman in the video reminds me of myself as well as people I know.  What makes it so great is that it is so easy for us to relate to.  However, this video serves as a warning.  We can be annoying douchebags!  It is hard to find a good bikeshop.  When you find one DON’T BE THIS GUY!  Then maybe your favorite local bikeshop, mechanic or bikeshop employee will stay around for a while.  Thank you!