Don’t Blame the Bicycle!

By | August 29, 2013
This guy pushed a 70 year old man into the street in
Bellingham, WA.

There was recently a story in the Bellingham Herald about a cyclist who pushed a 70 year old man into the street. I was horrified to hear the news. I hope that the gentleman who was pushed is okay, and I also hope that the cyclist is caught and punished. People on the scene were able to snag a picture of the little douche-canoe.  It is only a matter of time before he is caught.

Last week I rode through Bellingham on RSVP (Ride from Seattle to Vancouver and Party). I have always liked Bellingham because it seems much more friendly to cyclists than Seattle.  Bellingham has a good music scene, great microbrews and nice bike lanes! However, after reading the article I began to skim the comments portion. It was the same thing I see in the Seattle Times whenever they print anything positive or negative about cycling. Anti-bicycle commenters say:

  • bicycles should be outlawed.
  • cyclists should be forced to carry insurance.
  • cyclists do not stop at stop lights
  • cyclists go too fast
  • cyclists go too slow

Of course cyclists see this are offended and a good old fashioned argument ensues! It never solves anything, just makes both sides angrier, and stirs up anti-cycling sentiment.  I am absolutely sick of it.

Let’s be honest… There are asshole cyclists. They run stop signs. They speed (if they can). They hold up traffic. They cut people off. However, assholes are not found exclusively on two wheels. Assholes are known to utilize all forms of transportation. They drive cars, ride the bus, walk, fly and even paddle a douche-canoe. The temptation may be to label someone an asshole based on their chosen method of transportation, but really it doesn’t matter what car they drive or bike they ride. If they are an asshole, they will always be an asshole. The mode of transportation has nothing to do with it!

It is not the bike’s fault.  So the next time you see a cyclist run a stop sign, wait 30 seconds, you will likely see a driver speeding or a pedestrian jaywalking.

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