Green revolution.

By | November 27, 2012

I found a video of a cycle powered movie on YouTube this afternoon.  I thought it was a great idea.  I would love to see my local cycle club sponsor such an event.  It would be awesome!  I posted the video on the CYCLEBUTTCRACK facebook page. 

Cycle Powered Theater.

Well this got me thinking about using legs to power other things.  There is the cycle powered water pump.  I then found this video explaining how to create a bicycle generator. 

I did a little more research.  I would have to do more before I get set it up however, I am reasonably confident that with my wiring ability, the correct inverter and a couple hundred dollars in parts…  I could generate power and feed it back to the grid with pedal power.  That is right I could make my electrical meter run backwards.  Also I have access to exercise bikes with alternators built in, which would save me several steps.  You could call me a geek, a tree hugger, green, curious or just plain stupid; I don’t really care.  However, I do now that it always feels good to stick it to the man.  Making my electrical meter run backwards would definitely stick it to the man.  I don’t think it would be hard to find motivation to jump on the trainer for my off season training if I were sticking it to the man in the process 🙂