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The CYCLEBUTTCRACK Classic jersey.


Gather around and I will tell you a story of romance and adventure.  A story where a not-so-young man takes a chance and attempts to build an evil empire.  It all started in my first STP (Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic) in 2004.  It was my goal to make it to the 150-mile mark in Kelso, Washington on day one.  Sadly, my riding partner had blown up thanks to starting out too fast and ill-conceived curry tortilla wraps.  He seized up as we arrived in Centralia with leg cramps and nausea.

I soldered on alone.  I too was suffering with nausea.  It was a struggle to keep every sip of water or bit of cliff bar down.  In my nauseas, heat dazed stupor, I looked up to see that the rider ahead of me was having a wardrobe malfunction.  His shorts had slipped down exposing his ample and sweaty BUTTCRACK.  Instead of disgust, my first thought was, ‘It would be funny if someone put that on a cycling jersey!’  I laughed.  My amusement at the thought of a BUTTCRACK Jersey served as a distraction during a miserable afternoon in the saddle.  CYCLEBUTTCRACK was born! 

Fast forward to 2011.  The economy was in shambles.  I was out of my chosen field with plenty of time on my hands.  I had talked to my friends about CYCLEBUTTCRACK.  They encouraged me telling me the jerseys would sell like hotcakes.  I figured, when else would I have the time and energy to make my silly dream a reality.  I designed a logo and laid out a jersey then I pulled the plug and had 100 jerseys manufactured.  Let me tell you, this order was a major financial commitment for someone who was suffering the effects of an economy in the toilet.  CYCLEBUTTCRACK made its debut at the 2011 edition of the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic.  It was awesome!

The first time someone told me they liked my jersey; I was elated!  And the compliments kept rolling.  I lost track of how many compliments I received for my CHEEKY jersey.  I was pretty nervous about CYCLEBUTCRACK’s debut, but the reaction I got from my fellow riders exceeded my wildest expectations.  Every time I ride wearing a CYCLEBUTTCRACK Jersey, the positive comments I receive from my fellow cyclists and even drivers is amazing.  It makes a fun hobby even more fun!

The CYCLEBUTTCRACK BEER Jersey… The legacy continues!



At RAGBRAI 2013, I debuted CYCLEBUTTCRACK’s second of these jersey; The CYCLEBUTTCRACK BEER Cycling Jersey.  The BEER Cycling Jersey lets your fellow cyclists know what beverage you will be ordering after the ride.  Why would you yourself to just one beer on your jersey or menu?  With The CYCLEBUTTCRACK BEER Cycling Jersey, anything on the menu is fair game!  

The CYCLEBUTTCRACK CHEEKY T-shirt!  Slip into something a little more comfortable!



After a long day in the saddle, you will want to slip into something a little more comfortable.  For these times, I have created the The CYCLEBUTTCRACK CHEEKY T-shirt!  

But wait there’s more!!  CYCLEBUTTCRACK Bumperstickers!

Now you can be cheeky like me with The CYCLEBUTTCRACK Classic Jersey, The CYCLEBUTTCRACK BEER Jersey and The CYCLEBUTTCRACK CHEEKY T-shirt!!!!  However, if you order any of these items, I will trow in a CYCLEBUTTCRACK Bumpersticker!  There stickers are high quality stickers allowing you to express your CHEEKY inner self on your car, toolbox refrigerator or anywhere else you like.  The stickers are available for individual too.  



CYCLEBUTTCRACK has come a long way, but I am just barely getting started.  I have ideas for at least 10 more jerseys floating around in my head.  I also have a new t-shirt in the works.  With your help, I really hope to see these new designs come to fruition.  Thank you for your order and I hope that I get to share more of my jersey and t-shirt ideas with you.

Thank you!


Logo Sticker

Logo Sticker