Is there a future for CYCLEBUTTCRACK? The Seattle Bike Expo aftermath.

By | March 4, 2014

This past weekend I participated in the Seattle Bike Expo

for the first time as a vendor.  Let me tell you that it is a lot of work to put on a booth at an expo.  I arrived at the expo to setup on Saturday at 6:00 am and I did not leave until 7:00 pm.  On Sunday, I arrived at 8:00 am to set up and was there until 4:30 pm.  Once the expo started I was there, I manned the booth alone the whole time minus one 20 minute break Saturday afternoon.  I was exhausted.  I am still tired! The feedback for CYCLEBUTTCRACK was awesome!  I had people taking pictures of the jerseys, telling me how great they are.  They would point them out to their friends and even drag friends and family back to my booth so they could show them.  It was a lot of fun!  I shared a lot of laughs with many, many strangers.

New Stickers, soon to be available on the website soon.

The Seattle Bike Expo was also the debut of my new stickers.  They will be on the website soon.  They also got a lot of awesome feedback.  However there were many at the expo giving away stickers.  It was a constant challenge to keep people from walking off with my stickers.  Oops! I met some great people at the Seattle Bike Expo.  Some of the people I met included a gentleman who wants to write about CYCLEBUTTCRACK in his blog.  Stay tuned, more information!  I met another gentleman who would like me to write about a century ride he is organizing in my blog.  I met a fellow vendor who gave very helpful business advice.  I got to discuss my memories of RAGBRAI.  I even got to meet a BUTTHEAD from the world of Facebook.  I am sorry I did not get your name, but it was a pleasure to get to meet you!  I met so many awesome people, I wish I could do this every week.

New BEER Stickers to be available on the website soon!

If people were distracted or looking the other way when near my booth, I had my secret weapon.  Two little words could stop the most distracted expo goer in their tracks.  Those two words…  FREE BEER!!! Obviously I could not give away FREE BEER at an expo.  I am sure I would be breaking several laws.  Instead I gave away BEER flavored Jelly Bellys!  I gave away between 700 and 800 business cards with 4 delightful BEERY beans stapled to each one.  I call that a success! The expo was fun, but it was not a success.  I only sold 6 jerseys in the two days of the expo.  This will not do!  I was hoping for, far more.  I need far more sales in order for CYCLEBUTTCRACK to continue.  However, I am still inspired by the amazing success of this blog which now has 2,000 hits a month.  That is amazing!  I never dreamed of that sort of success!  Also the awesome feedback for my jerseys inspire me to press on. Based on the setback at the expo, you can expect to see changes to the blog and at  It is my hope that these changes will generate more traffic for both and more sales.  I am very excited!  However that is not all.  I am looking for your feedback.  Feel free to send me an e-mail,.comment in the comment section or comment on Facebook.  What would you like to see from CYCLEBUTTCRACK?  What can I do better?  What kind of Jersey would you like to see next?  Do you have a suggestion or question?  What can I do to make CYCLEBUTTCRACK a success.  I would love to hear from you.  If I do, I will send you a free sticker. Thank you so much.  This has been and hopefully will continue to be a great learning experience. Lance

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