Kovit Cycles: Just Dead Sexy

By | December 24, 2013

I have only owned one road bike, a 2003 Giant OCR1.  She has served me well, but carrying my heavy ass for 20,000 miles has taken its toll.  It is time for another bike, therefore I spend far too much time daydreaming about my next bike.  I have test ridden and reviewed:

To be honest some of these machines are out of my reach, but that does not stop me from admiring them, wanting them and taking the opportunity to take one for a test ride.  In addition to the sweet machines I have test ridden, I also lust after Renovo wood bikes.  I have had a visual love affair with the Colnago C59 Disc since I first laid eyes on her.  Just plain gorgeous!  Italian sculpture at its finest.

Surfing the internet recently, I saw something that left me speechless.  In fact I had to have some ‘alone time’ and take a shower.  It is just, just unbelievable.  The frame weighs somewhere in the 600 gram range.  Somehow it looks even lighter.  It is Kovit Cycles out of Utah.  A marvel of engineering which defies logic.
How can this thing be as strong as they say?  There is no weight limit.  If that were not enough, they will be releasing mountain bikes too! How do I clean this bike?  I am thinking with q-tips and children’s tears.  There is no reason for a Clydesdale like me to own a bike like this, but hell yeah I want it.
If you are like me, you are wanting more information.  You are wondering will I have to sell both Kidneys in order to afford it. Well hopefully this will answer all your questions.
I am very much looking forward to seeing one of these in person!
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