My New Favorite Lube!

By | September 18, 2015

My New Favorite Lube!  

Too much friction in a relationship is certainly an unpleasant experience.  Friction can lead to creaking grinding and damage to the delicate equipment of your undercarriage.  Lube is your friend!  If you are not thinking about lubrication, I can guarantee that your partner is.  Well maybe not…  Actually I am talking about the relationship between you and your bike and the lube I am referring to is chain lube.  This post shall discuss my new favorite lube.  The lube you use with your human significant other, is the subject of another blog.

The care and maintenance of your bike is critical to its longevity and performance.  I discussed this topic at length previously in the blog in two posts: The Wipe and The Deep Clean.  When it came to chain lube, I started with Tri-Flow and I trusted Tri-Flow.  It is long lasting, does not evaporate and it works.  However, Tri-Flow does have a critical weakness.  It is a petroleum based lubricant which attracts dust, dirt, grit and grime in dry conditions.  This problem was particularly evident on my commuter.  I was doing The Wipe twice a week and The Deep Clean every other week.  That is a lot of work.

rocknrollI had tried other lubes in the past with no success.  I always ended up with a black gunky mess.  When I forgot my Tri-Flow at RAGBRAI this year I went on the hunt for more.  When the proprietor of one of overnight expo booths recommended Rock and Roll Lubrication.  The bottle says it is the King of Lubes, but I was skeptical.  He told me that it uses a wax rather than petroleum which does not attract dirt and grime.  I had heard all this before. Sensing my skepticism he told me, ‘Give it a try this stuff is awesome!’  Rock N Roll makes three different lubes.  They are: The Extreme (for mountain bikes), Absolute Dry (for Road Bikes and Gold (for Road and Mountain Bikes).  I left with a $9 bottle of Rock N Roll Gold.  So how did it work?

goldRock N Roll is designed to clean and lubricate in one step.  Applying the lube is pretty simple, just follow the directions.  Wipe the chain to remove some of the loose grit, dirt and grime.  Then liberally apply Rock N Roll to the chain.  Finally wipe off the excess, ‘all of it.’  It is remarkably similar to the process described in The Wipe and it works great!

The first thing I noticed with Rock N Roll was crisper shifting.  Nice!  Rock N Roll is a bit thinner than other lubes that I am used to.  That lower viscosity means that chain parts move more freely which can mean a bit more drivetrain noise at times.  The biggest difference, is how clean my components stay.  Before Rock N Roll, I was constantly struggling to keep my chain and drivetrain clean.  Now I am surprised how clean it stays ride after ride.  I am only applying lube and cleaning the chain once a week even though I could easily wait a couple weeks.  Rock N Roll claims to work in wet conditions I am anxious to see if it does.

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