New Product- WiseCracker Bottle Opener

By | October 14, 2014
My poor cracked frame :(

My poor cracked frame 🙁

New Product- WiseCracker Bottle Opener

Every now and then an invention comes on to the market and you think to yourself, ‘Why the hell didn’t I think of that?’  In this case it was literally the truth.  I have considered adding a bottle opener to my bike.  However, I was unable to come up with something so simple and elegant as  The WiseCracker Bottle Opener.  It is a headset spacer, and a beer opener!  Two birds one stone who could ask for anything more?!

As you may have heard.  I cracked the frame on my 2004 Giant OCR1.  I hope to get a new frame and build up a new bike soon.  I think the crowning touch will be a WiseCacker Bottle Opener.  I will post a few photos of the completed installation.  From one small business to another, I wish the folks at WiseCracker good luck.

Check out the video and the website.

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