Wine Country Trek September 24-25, 2011 Archive

 Yup…  It’s as high as an elephant’s eye!  I would like to apologize to the blogosphere.  I have not been practicing my due diligence in reporting to you.  I could give you some lame excuse about how busy I have been…  Which is precisely what I am going to do.   I have been really busy working three jobs this summer.  I have had to walk uphill in the snow… Read More »

RSVP 2011 Day 2 Archive

I spent a turbulent night in a tent after day one of the RSVP.  But you say to yourself, ‘CYCLEBUTTCRACK…  There are no camp sites available in Bellingham for RSVP!’  You are correct!  It is a long story.  Needless to say I was so concerned about bringing you the BUTTCRACK that I failed to investigate this key detail.  I do wonder who in the hell would organize a ride without camping? … Read More »

RSVP 2011 Day 1 Archive

The first day of RSVP is a cruel, hard mistress.  She likes to remind me that it has been a month since STP and taking a few rides off as reward for a job well done is not a good idea.  Like STP, RSVP has some long, grinding, flats but she is also graced with some lumpy terrain.  RSVP is more of a challenge, but the scenery is much more… Read More »

Archive 2011 STP

Finish line shenanigans! St. John’s Bridge As STP and the premier of CYCLEBUTTCRACK drew near, I was quite nervous and excited.  The alarm was set for 4:00 am, but I was up an hour early.  When the ride began, I could finally relax.  It felt like a normal ride until someone pulled up along side of me and asked, ‘Is that jersey designed to look like that?  It is hilarious!’ … Read More »