A hard decision!

A hard decision! I love my 1988 Cannondale ST1000.  Chics dig the purple bike and it gets lots of compliments whenever I ride it.  I love the Shimano Biopace chain rings and I enjoy the friction shifting drivetrain.  In fact, I like it so much, I even wrote a review for the blog.  You can check it out here.  Despite the fact that I dig the Purple Bike, it is… Read More »

Crowd Funding?

Crowd Funding? CYCLEBUTTCRACK jerseys have been on the market since 2011.  You have read the story of how CYCLEBUTTCRACK came to be, but if you refresh your memory, you can read about CYCLEBUTTCRACK’s conception here.  I had high expectations when I started this CHEEKY venture.  You have not let me down.  Every time I wear one of the CYCLEBUTTCRACK jerseys on an organized ride, I cannot keep track of all… Read More »

Social Media Warrior to the Rescue!!!

Social Media Warrior to the Rescue!!! Earlier this week, the alarm went off.  I showered, ate breakfast and then went to check my e-mail and the happenings on the Facebook page prior to heading off to work.  The first thing I see on my Facebook page was this poorly edited meme.  I am sure you have seen it before.  It implies that no cyclists follow the rules of the road. … Read More »

Stupid Cycling Laws 2.

Stupid Cycling Laws 2.  It is the beginning of the year.  This means that the state legislatures are in session.  It is the time when budgets are set and new laws are proposed, debated and enacted.  Unfortunately, sometimes these laws adversely affect cyclists.  So last year I wrote a little piece titled Stupid Cycling Laws.  It turned out to be a very popular piece which garnered a lot of attention. … Read More »

CYCLEBUTTCRACK Purveyors of CHEEKY cycling gear!

CYCLEBUTTCRACK Purveyors of CHEEKY cycling gear! Gather around and I will tell you a story of romance and adventure.  A story where a not-so-young man takes a chance and attempts to build an evil empire.  It all started in my first STP (Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic) in 2004.  It was my goal to make it to the 150-mile mark in Kelso, Washington on day one.  Sadly, my riding partner… Read More »

Cyclists need to get off of the Road!

Cyclists need to get off of the Road! You have heard it or some derivative yelled from the windows of a passing car.  People have asked why, ‘you people’ insist on riding in the road.  Hell I have even read a woman’s dating profile which list cyclists riding in the roads as her biggest pet peeve.  For obvious reasons I would never date someone with such an abhorrent attitude, but… Read More »

Night Rider!

Night Rider.   After years of unusually clear, dry weather in Seattle, this fall has been on the moist side.  I never liked riding in the rain.  My riding schedule has had many rain soaked interruptions.  Also in November, I lived the adventures of Superman when I hit a softball sized stone.  As a result, I barely hit 200 miles on the odometer in November.  December has given us much… Read More »

Cyclists should be forced to have insurance

Oh how I love arguing with bike haters.  Well not really.  They are pig headed, arrogant and can be dangerous when driving.  The vast majority of them drive cars, while talking on their phones, eating or speeding.  Then they have the nerve to say that cyclists do not follow the rules of the road and are rude arrogant road hogs.  The mere presence of cyclists is somehow offensive to the… Read More »


Superman!  I am a bit of a fair weather cycling wimp.  I live in Seattle, but hate riding in the rain.  Wow!  Did I ever move to the wrong place!  Anyway, this November has lived up to Seattle’s reputation with lots of damp days and very little commuting for me.  Last Wednesday, I headed out for what would have been only my third bike commute in two weeks.  I was… Read More »

Cyclists should register their bikes

Last week on the blog, we took on the Cliché bike-lash comment ‘Cyclists do not pay for the road.’  It turns out that the post piqued a lot of your interest.  I saw a huge spike in traffic!  Thank you.  It seems a lot of you are tired of this crap too!  Well there is no shortage of cliché bike-lash stupid arguments against cycling and cyclists.  I can keep going… Read More »